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Potter without a studio (college being remodelled), medical secretary, cancer survivor, would-be cake decorator, knitter (or at least collector of yarn), and general spazoid.

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Chemo day today. Figured it was time I could wear this shirt.
23rd May 2006, 13:11  


thats a wicked top! you go!!!

23rd May 2006, 13:13

Dhamaka says:

wish you well to wear it - it's a strong t-shirt!

23rd May 2006, 13:14

alfie says:

oh mate, that shirt is MINT!

Good luck today.x

23rd May 2006, 13:14

Joe says:

genius! absolute genius...good luck!

23rd May 2006, 13:15

Gael says:

love it : )

23rd May 2006, 13:19

ElpshHouse says:

great t-shirt!! you have a fantastic attitude to go with it (despite having added "pissy" to your title)
I believe that you are going to kick cancer's ass...and then, possibly, take over the world. : D

23rd May 2006, 13:20

seaneeboy says:


23rd May 2006, 13:23

Geodyne says:

That's. Just. *brilliant*.

You're missing a tick, though. ;-)

23rd May 2006, 13:23

yourhermione says:

still working on the taking over part. and the whole needs male slaves thing. ;)

23rd May 2006, 13:27

Geodyne says:

I have every faith in your ability to provide.

23rd May 2006, 13:28

puddlepuff says:

HaHa,.... your are Pinky I'm the Brain!

Brillant shirt!

23rd May 2006, 13:30

OJ says:

That is indeed a strong T-shirt. Hope today's chemo goes well.

23rd May 2006, 13:38

puddlepuff says:

And all the best with todays chemo!! Hope it will go as best as possible!

23rd May 2006, 13:42

silar31 says:

That shirt is just *wicked*!

23rd May 2006, 14:11

nige says:

*hand yh a "big fat RED magic marker"*


23rd May 2006, 14:25

kostika says:

Fantastic shirt and I'm positive today will be a good day for you sweetheart.

23rd May 2006, 14:32

Uber_Spy says:

*starts knitting...a cape!! Time to start wearing your knickers over your tights YH..

23rd May 2006, 14:32

paintist says:

Mr P is most definately no womans slave ( not that I havent tried! ) but I believe they are out there and waiting for taking over the could do it easily:-)

23rd May 2006, 15:03

puddlepuff says:

Time to start wearing your knickers over your tights YH.

Now that would be HL worthy!!

23rd May 2006, 15:05

Befny says:

Excellent Shirt!

23rd May 2006, 15:50

bronxelf says:

Fabulous. :D

We will have so much to talk about when I get home. I will bug Larceny and come up there.

23rd May 2006, 15:52

yourhermione says:

B'elf - yes, I believe we will have much chatting to do. Please please do come see me. I will cook yummy food!

Um - if I start wearing my knickers outside my tights I'm likely to become The Amazing Locked in a Mental Ward Girl. ;) And I'd need an awful lot of tights, because I'd want them to go with the different knickers. heh.

If I didn't already have Halloween planned I would so get my superhero outfit together. (except where am I going to find knee-high pink metallic leather boots?)

23rd May 2006, 17:24

nige says:

*grabs fat red magic marker back from yh - clearly she's going with the superhero / halloween idea*


23rd May 2006, 17:28

yourhermione says:

Nige - no, actually my Halloween costume this year is a villianess.

23rd May 2006, 17:34

Geodyne says:

23rd May 2006, 17:39

nige says:

hehehehe. ok yh, i'll let you off...

23rd May 2006, 17:39

yourhermione says:

Oh holy crap I want the boots!

23rd May 2006, 17:40

Geodyne says:

My work here is done.

*smug grin*

23rd May 2006, 17:40

bronxelf says:

This surprises those of us who know you, not one bit.

23rd May 2006, 17:41

yourhermione says:

You'll have to teach me to walk in them though.

23rd May 2006, 17:43

yourhermione says:

oh, sending you an email, btw. You will laugh at me.

23rd May 2006, 17:46

bronxelf says:

Youre asking ME this, right? Oh this is a comedy waiting to happen.

23rd May 2006, 17:49

eroika says:

Excellent shirt! Sorry about my IV pic scare from yesterday...I'm such an idiot!!

23rd May 2006, 18:02

yourhermione says:

You went around in those hot Chuck-heels on Sat and apparently didn't break your neck.

23rd May 2006, 18:02

yourhermione says:

Eroika - it's ok, don't worry. :) *hug*

23rd May 2006, 18:09

bronxelf says:

I didnt laugh at you.

I AGREE with you.

It was even more impressive in person. Dude. Seriously. You know me. DAYM.

23rd May 2006, 18:10

yourhermione says:

I'd like to see in person, but, the broken thing. Yeah.

and I needed this kind of evil giggling today. >=)

23rd May 2006, 18:12

bronxelf says:

Ok. hold that, I have to go meet geo for dinner. Going to brave British Bus Service.

Take it my metrocard wont work... hmph.


Back later.

23rd May 2006, 18:17

yourhermione says:


23rd May 2006, 18:25

Maggie D says:

Love the t-shirt – just read your post on Alex’s blog – what a lovely lady you are! – with a heart the size of yours and with the addition of knee high pink metallic boots anything is possible – even world domination – wishing you all the best

23rd May 2006, 18:25

yourhermione says:

We cancers gotta stick together. wait, I'm a Scorpio. No wait....

23rd May 2006, 18:28

wench230 says:

Yep, it's "we Scorpios have to stick together." ;-)

Add me in to the "seeking male slaves" pool. And when you take over the world, can I have a small tropical island?

23rd May 2006, 19:47

wench230 says:

And by the way.

You, in those boots. ROWR.

23rd May 2006, 19:48

alex Saville's mum says:

I've been reading your comments on my son Alex's blog (neutropenic alex). I would like to send you all my good wishes for your speedy return to full health. I had Hodgkins in 1972 when treatment was very very different and I'm sure nowhere as sophisticated but you see i am still here, living, working and having fun all those years later. I don't have your email, is it hidden on this site somewhere? take care and thanks so much for encouraging Alex.

23rd May 2006, 20:34

Rich says:

Alex's mum - If you're signed up to moblog you should be able to click the contact user - either you can sign up yourself or send an email from Alex's account. Don't think you can do it if you're not a member though.

23rd May 2006, 20:47

A;ex's mum (Jenny)(jennyssaville-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Thank you Rich for your help, no I haven't signed up though perhaps I should. In the meantime I've put my email address here so perhaps yourhermione can email me hers.

23rd May 2006, 20:53

yourhermione says:

Alex's Mum - I'll use the contact user link from Alex's account to send an email. =) Thanks for your kind words, and it's good to know that you've been healthy for so long. It gives me much hope!

23rd May 2006, 20:54

yourhermione says:

And thanks, Rich. I appreciate the help.

23rd May 2006, 20:54

alex's mum says:

thank you. I have a good feeling that you're going to be really fine. take care.

23rd May 2006, 21:16

FilbertFox says:


23rd May 2006, 22:09

ookiine says:


I just had a friend that died of cancer this past week (38 yrs old) and a cousin that died of it 2 weeks ago (17 months).... Fucking horrid!

23rd May 2006, 22:38

yourhermione says:

ookiine, omg, I am so sorry to hear that! Email me if you want to chat at all. :(

23rd May 2006, 23:13

bronxelf says:

Back now.

We were discussing all that DAYM and breakage?

23rd May 2006, 23:49

phoenix says:

Great shirt - :)

23rd May 2006, 23:54

yourhermione says:

Belf - I'm gonna break some other people for completely other reasons. I'll tell you all the stupid when you get home.

24th May 2006, 13:20

DeanDare says:

Great shirt mate I am sure you will beat this cancer and if you need a second in command when you take over the earth I will send you my C.V but can I rule England please

24th May 2006, 20:12

ladyluna says:

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
I think so, Brain, but doesn't it get clammy in the tent?

GREAT shirt roomie!

24th May 2006, 20:36

You have such a wonderful sense of humour with the cancer, you should really be an icon for people to follow

25th May 2006, 23:27