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Potter without a studio (college being remodelled), medical secretary, cancer survivor, would-be cake decorator, knitter (or at least collector of yarn), and general spazoid.

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To the anonymous person who got him for me- OMG thank you! But tell me who you are! I suck at this sort of thing!
17th May 2006, 18:40  


Dhamaka says:

he is absolutely gorgeous!
what's his name?

and while I wish it was me, it wasn't

17th May 2006, 18:41

yourhermione says:

I haven't named him yet. I'm seriously thinking of calling him Zaphod, though.

I'm going to lose my mind until I know!

17th May 2006, 18:43

Dhamaka says:

what a brilliant name!

17th May 2006, 18:44

daz says:


17th May 2006, 19:02

puddlepuff says:

Wasn't me,... he reminds me of ALF!! :)

17th May 2006, 19:08

paintist says:

it was the power of the boots....lovely mystery.. :-)

17th May 2006, 19:11

silar31 says:

Aw, he's adorable!

17th May 2006, 19:14

Was he left for you? How cute, maybe you have an admirer

17th May 2006, 20:14

yourhermione says:

Yeah. I got a call from the volunteer desk downstairs that someone had left a gift for me, and I went down and there he was! But I want to know who sent him!!

17th May 2006, 20:50

Gael says:

Call him Max!
from "Where the Wild Things Are"

17th May 2006, 20:53

yourhermione says:

My cat's name is Max. Only one Max per household. ;)

17th May 2006, 21:25

ookiine says:

Ok! ZAPHOD!!!!!

17th May 2006, 23:09

FilbertFox says:

it was me. Ok it wasn't. Zaphod is a damn fine name

19th May 2006, 11:01