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Happy not quite birthday to me

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My lovely shuffle died. :(
Introducing Mork
14th May 2006, 10:13  

Dhamaka says:


may he rest in peace / get properly repaired / mysteriously function again (select preferred statement)

14th May 2006, 11:16

teflon says:

There's some sort of joke there about shuffling off your mortal coil, but I can't quite piece it together...

14th May 2006, 11:39

paintist says:

oh dear RIP mork......

14th May 2006, 11:42

FilbertFox says:

No Mork is the new nano, the dead one is Harlem Shuffle.

14th May 2006, 12:13

crickson says:

Woo! A lovely nanoo : )

14th May 2006, 14:27

FilbertFox says:

he is mighty fine. I would like another one so i can keep my classical separate from the t'other stuff, cos when i am in the gym for example and have it on shuffle, it is really odd having a banging rock/punk beat then a bit of mozart for example. That one would of be named Mindy

14th May 2006, 14:50

Steve says:

How did your shuffle die? mine has started only doing sound in one ear, it is of course about a year and one week since I bought it. You have to admire their skill with warrantys

14th May 2006, 14:53

FilbertFox says:

it wont hold any charge. itunes recognises it and fills it, but no charge and no sound. Poor Harlem, i do miss him.

14th May 2006, 15:07

Steve says:

I suppose at least you can still use him as a memory stick

14th May 2006, 15:09

FilbertFox says:

i haven't tried. my computer at work wont let me use a memory stick IT would have to come and install software and they have other priorities! What a balmy institution i work for.

14th May 2006, 15:13

Maggie D says:

....the day the music died and they said ....bye, bye .....

14th May 2006, 19:44

ouch says:

A Classical playlist and a Rock playlist will solve your problem without the need for two Nanos.

I have the same problem when running when I am occasionally transported into a dull Business POdcast half way up a hill! It gets even worse when it selects one of the 5 second tracks my ITrip uses to tune into a radio station. A Playlists called "Gym" and another called "Impressing the Neighbours" or "Annoying the Tennagers" is the answer!

Simply select New Playlist from the File menu in I-Tunes and drag and drop tracks into it. Then resynch the Nano and the Playlists will be available. Ta da!!

15th May 2006, 08:58

FilbertFox says:

but if you put it on shuffle then you get the play list mixing together don't you?

15th May 2006, 09:12

Steve says:

Not if you shuffle from within a playlist

15th May 2006, 09:14

Dhamaka NLI and working says:

Just realised FF - your avatar...

15th May 2006, 09:17

FilbertFox says:

i must be very stupid then cos i haven't worked out how to do that yet

15th May 2006, 09:19

Steve says:

Navigate to a playlist and press play (I think)

15th May 2006, 09:23

FilbertFox says:

will try that later

15th May 2006, 09:24

FilbertFox says:

but i still want two! We have too much music to fit on even the biggest MP3 player in the universe

15th May 2006, 09:25

ouch says:

:) I see, you actually want two...

15th May 2006, 10:26

FilbertFox says:

of course, i have 2 cars and 2 fridges and 2 children and 2 husbands. 1 of these statements is false.

15th May 2006, 11:20

ouch says:

You only have one car !!! (or three, hmmm)

15th May 2006, 18:34