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...back to sunday. another shot of Blackpool Tower.

messed with (again), using the W810i's on-board effects.
10th May 2006, 11:47   | tags:,

Steve says:

Now that is really pretty, great shot as per normal Nige

10th May 2006, 11:49

in what way is it messed with nige?

10th May 2006, 11:50

nige says:

cheers Steve.

bl - i put an effect on it called "painting" after i took the shot. i left the colour as it was. this is how it came out.

10th May 2006, 11:53

looks good!

10th May 2006, 12:05

Geodyne says:

It's a fabulous effect. It makes the shot really evocative.

10th May 2006, 12:05

nige says:

thanks folks!

10th May 2006, 12:11

yourhermione says:

gorgeous shot. (I want a good cam phone. grr. stupid US)

10th May 2006, 13:19

nige says:

thanks yh. what do you click with, then?

10th May 2006, 13:26

yourhermione says:

I have a pooey little Motorola V265. The phone is very crappy, and lately I'm having a ton of trouble with the phone in general. Most of the good Sony Ericcson phones that you guys use don't work on the networks here. And especialy on the only network I can get in my rural little area. *sigh*

10th May 2006, 14:00

nige says:

even the tri-band SE phones won't work in the US?

10th May 2006, 14:14

Dhamaka says:

nice one nige!

10th May 2006, 15:33

nige says:

thanks D & the newly renamed nopants. jeeeezz, 400 bucks is alot of cash for that phone. dont you guys get free upgrades every year?

10th May 2006, 15:40

nige says:

but the 800i & 810i have the same camera i believe. having experienced the functionality for myself, i'd say they were well worth the money. i guess we're just very spoilt over in the UK. we kinda take it for granted...

10th May 2006, 15:47

mat says:

Compare and contrast how much cheaper call/data/line rental charges are in countries where handset cost isn't hugely subsidised...

10th May 2006, 15:51

nige says:

sure. i think i'd rather have cheaper bills actually....

*amends prior statement*

"you guys are really spoilt over there in the states..." :P

10th May 2006, 15:53

nige says:

*randomly does the hokey-cokey*

i'm all about doing random things today...

10th May 2006, 16:04

nige says:


10th May 2006, 16:05

*joins in

whhooooaaaaa the hokey-cokeey whhooooaaaaa the hokey-cokeey knees bent arms straight raa raa raa!

and all that!

10th May 2006, 16:09

nige says:

*really giving it some now*

10th May 2006, 16:21