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Hi everyone

My name is Leona Norris, from Centre for Advancement of Innovative Learning (CAIL), which is a staff capability unit within TAFE Queensland.

I'm facilitating the Vocational e-learning Network or Ve-learning Network. The network will provide an online support platform for TAFE Queensland LearnScope 2006. This year's LearnScope project involves working with TAFE Queensland institutes to identify their e-learning needs, and the development and implementation of e-learning action plans. The action plans will enable staff to acquire e-learning skills to effectively meet the diverse needs of their clients.The Ve-learning Network will ensure that staff are able to share ideas, form collaborative networks, and provide support for each other as they work through their individual Ve-learning projects. The network's home will be on EdNA groups. The network will also play a vital role in the change management process for the introduction of a systemic LCMS and LMS. It will build on current good practice and act as a reference point for future support networks.

I am very excited about this year's journey and look forward to meeting you all in Canberra.

Leona Norris
Project Officer, Centre for Advancement of Innovative Learning (CAIL)

2nd May 2006, 01:38