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Anti-Mouse Device, Bin & Boobs

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The little devils keep getting in under the sink and
getting in the bin. So a new shiny out of cupboard
bin has been purchased. And if that doesn't stop
them, them i am sure the visible boobage will.....
1st May 2006, 17:51   | tags:,,,,

FilbertFox says:

thank you, my house is like an explosion in a paint factory! The dining room and kitchen are purple and sliver, with yellow accents. And it is south facing so the silver can truely gleam

1st May 2006, 17:59

yourhermione says:

nice cleavage!

1st May 2006, 18:11

FilbertFox says:

why thank you

1st May 2006, 18:41

I think the bin would probably be a better deterrent than boobs (although many of the fine employees of companies like rent-a-kill have impressive manboobs so maybe there's some truth in there).

Only living in rented accomodation means my walls have always been magnolia :(

1st May 2006, 19:39

DeanDare says:

My missus loves purple I think she would have every room puple if I let her, but I must agree with yourhermione, nice cleavage

1st May 2006, 19:47

FilbertFox says:


Mrs DD has good taste as well, i also have some purple in our bedroom, this time teamed with mint green, its lovely

1st May 2006, 19:55

yourhermione says:

ooh...I love mixing purple and green.

1st May 2006, 20:15

Twiglet says:

Mice don't like rats so say the word and I'll send you some rat's turds to fool your mice in to thinking bootsie has moved in! I have an inexhaustible supply...

1st May 2006, 20:19

FilbertFox says:

ok Twigs, thanks for the offer, i will see if ia can get some closer to home first

1st May 2006, 20:26

Mmmm Boobies.

1st May 2006, 21:48

JokerXL says:

That's a first!

2nd May 2006, 04:51

ouch says:

We have just got a little ultrasonic thing that plugs in the kitchen, can't remember how much buch not a bank breaker. The dog is oblivious.

We had the same problem with mice under the kitchen sink but not any more. Moblog product placement in action...

Convex surfaces do strange things to images so I will defer any comment on cleavage!

2nd May 2006, 09:17

FilbertFox says:

we have plug in ultrasonic things. the mice just poo on them!

2nd May 2006, 12:17

Ashlea says:


Why oh why are my mothers boobs being discussed on the internet? TIS JUST WRONG!

2nd May 2006, 12:36

paintist says:

could start a whole new mums boobs blog.....anyway why not?

2nd May 2006, 12:37

NO NO NO NO!!!! NO mum boobs blog!!!

2nd May 2006, 12:38

ouch says:

Our simple headed country mice ran away screaming about noise abatement and how they had lived here for generations before we crass townies turned up. You must have streetwise bling clad mice!

Re boobs, your mother started it :) Anyway, she could have used MFP's macro lense!!

2nd May 2006, 12:42

FilbertFox says:

sorry Ashlea, but no one forced you to look

2nd May 2006, 18:40