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I make things on the web, mobile and in the actual world.

I've done lots of bits and bobs over the years, and right now I'm mostly working on this.

I enjoy speaking about things I like, most recently this. You can email me if you'd like, and I'm on twitter.

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Sure, but i like the contrast and glowiness in it. Im sitting at the front door to my office where my boss seemingly is unreachable, perhaps a heavy night. At any rate, i have my book, a pastry, my phone and a latte, what more do i need to pass the time till his lazy ass gets here?
25th Apr 2006, 10:32   | tags:,,,,

Gael says:

Beautiful : )

25th Apr 2006, 10:42

bronxelf says:

You don't wear your subway token anymore? :(

25th Apr 2006, 10:43

Chenav says:

more narcissist than egoist :p

25th Apr 2006, 10:49

James says:


25th Apr 2006, 11:33

alfie says:

Look! It's Chenav! Where you been hiding dude? Did you by any chance catch the Canal Plus 90 minutes show last night?

Belf, I do wear it mate :) The leather broke so I need to get it fix-ed.

And James, whatever pal, what-ever ;)

25th Apr 2006, 11:55

Chenav says:

usual problems to deal with (women, job, women, girls... did I mention women ?).
It is only solved when you realized it is not a problem at all.

Well, for the canal plus show, nope, haven't seen it. No tv at home.
What was it about ?

25th Apr 2006, 12:34

yourhermione says:

narcissist, egoist, whatever, GREAT shot, Alfie.

25th Apr 2006, 13:18

alfie says:

Cheers Myhermionoe :)

Chenav - commiserations and sympathies, I understand your plight. The tv show was this one, I should have a dvd of it sent to me soon - had me in it so just to add to the narcissism/egoism whatever ;)

25th Apr 2006, 13:29

Poppy says:

I agree with "Yourhermione" Great Shot xXx

25th Apr 2006, 13:43

neel says:

Glowing White Alfie. Ver nice.

Should you be posting such anti-boss comments in a publicly accessible space?

25th Apr 2006, 16:21

bronxelf says:

Okay, just checking. :)

25th Apr 2006, 18:34

Dhamaka says:

nice eyes..

25th Apr 2006, 21:24

anonymous says:

ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow get it off

26th Apr 2006, 11:14

stormy says:

Scrummy narcisism!

27th Apr 2006, 02:40

stormy says:

Oh, and it'd make for a good post-punk album cover.

27th Apr 2006, 02:41

oneironaut says:

kinda reminds me of robert smith from the cure a little bit.. the "glowiness" is cool in contrast with the door

28th Apr 2006, 02:36

None says:


28th Apr 2006, 05:59