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Yes, yes people I have emerged from my self realised obscurity to bestow knowledge on all headz. Used ta be out and about now strictly lying low dispensing wisdom.
Too much going down to stay quiet, now all of us have to rise up and speak truth to power.

There has to be more to us than dhal roti and Nokia phones...



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Panic stricken

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These ducks come and visit me at work when its raining.
Of course given da times we're in this gets me thinking
'bout bird flu and stuff. Pandemic? epidemic? I don't know
but there seems to be alot of fuss about something that
worldwide has caused a hundred odd deaths.Diseases
like cholera and malaria claim that many lives in da time
it has taken me to type this. Whats da problem? Is it
'cos we in da West have been so wealthy enough to
innoculate ourselves against the most common
diseases that when something comes along it catches
us by surprise. All of a sudden we're vulnerable too
which probably freaks peeps out a little.But there has
to be a sense of proportion - if this thing kills like they
say it will it will kill more people in da developing
world then it will us. Apart from the ducks outside my
place, the odd birdcage and poultry farmers I don't
recall too many of us living so close to birds on a
day to day basis. Of course they want you to panic
so you will trust them more and be obedient in the
face of an impending public health 'scare'. But
somethings about this don't sit right wit me.
10th Apr 2006, 20:54   | tags:,,,,

teflon says:

They weren't sneezing, were they?

10th Apr 2006, 21:03

shark says:

You tell it like it is, Doc. You tell it like it is.

13th Apr 2006, 00:17

SpongeBob says:

History has always thought us to be calm and thats what we must do today and everyday of ourlives. Thats just the was it is

24th Apr 2006, 11:26