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Eeek! Monkeys. Is this art?

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Went to the opening night of a show curated by my friend Ken, with art by another friend. First thing near the door? Monkeys. I think Ken knows me too well to exploit my fear like that :-)

I do love Jemima's art stuff though. It's just plain freaky. I love the sinister Maypole with the heads inside, and the slumped over person on the floor. I forgot to get some shots of her wallpaper, which from a distance looks perfectly fine, but on closer inspection is full of sinister looking slightly malformed people.

Woo! For art. Plus there was caraway seed vodka to drink and caviar to eat, Class. (not that I'm that fond of stinky fish eggs, but it's the thought...)
9th Apr 2006, 19:57   | tags:,,,

bronxelf says:

I think you need to be able to remove their heads and eat appetizers out of them, a la Temple of Doom.

9th Apr 2006, 20:19

kikuchan says:

Ahahahahaha! Squick.

That scene freaked me OUT when I was a kid.

9th Apr 2006, 20:24

bronxelf says:

Heeheehee.. :D


9th Apr 2006, 20:28

paintist says:

that top one is freaky.........

9th Apr 2006, 23:04

kikuchan says:

Horribly freaky. Some of the monkeys have little human like monkey masks on top of the whole monkeyness.

Freaked me right out, I can tell you.

9th Apr 2006, 23:14

paintist says:

and looks like an old folks home for monkeys.................

9th Apr 2006, 23:17

it does look like an old monkey home. the tird one(girl sitting on the floor is really cool and freaky

10th Apr 2006, 13:43