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for quite some time now, i've been unsure as to whether or not i like this term, but i'm officially *not* loving it.
29th Mar 2006, 17:14   | tags:,,,,,

chris says:

It is utter marketing bollocks and completely nonsensical.

I agree.

29th Mar 2006, 17:32

nige says:

the thing is, *they* are touting Ajax & "Social Applications" as being at the very core of Web 2.0, but really its just rehashing of ideas that have been around a long time. But suddenly, there's some money floating about and the Business Angels / Investors / VC's are jumping on it...

29th Mar 2006, 17:42

mat says:

Me too. I've heard suggestions that the entire "Web 2.0" nonsense was just a plot to re-inflate the bursted bubble of dot-com era investment.

Seems to have worked too. An awful lot of VC has disappeared into web 2.0 startups.

29th Mar 2006, 17:45

mat says:

Ajax is for losers. It doesn't degrade, it has zero accessibility - it's actually counter to one of the main tenets of web 2.0 - that access method is immaterial.

29th Mar 2006, 17:48

nige says:

i see i've gouged further into already open wounds here...hehe.

29th Mar 2006, 17:52

Steve says:

For anyone else who didn't understand.

Actually I still don't think I really do, but that might be because I got bored of the word meme and switched off.

29th Mar 2006, 18:00

Steve says:

Ah! that's better!

Thank you Wiki

29th Mar 2006, 18:02

nige says:

"meme". thats another one i keep hearing folk touting at the mo'.

29th Mar 2006, 18:02

mat says:

Ah, memetics. A concept generally as badly understood and misused as that of the media virus. (if I here one more person call a silly video a 'viral', I'm gonna punch someone...)

"I love the sound of this new intarweb, when's it out?" - how many people are going to think that the upcoming IE7 is actually the release of "web 2.0"?

Next up, "citizen journalism" and other pointless marketing terms to make people sound clever when in fact they're talking about nothing new.. :)

29th Mar 2006, 18:17

nige says:

lets all drink to that.

29th Mar 2006, 18:21

mat says:

29th Mar 2006, 18:31

alfie not logged in says:

*pointedly says nothing* *

It's all been said so far

29th Mar 2006, 19:55

Joe says:

what? you mean....there is no new version coming?...

buzzwords always annoy me, somebody said to me "we need to rationalise our vertical market space" the other day....I tried not to laugh, rather unsuccessfully.

29th Mar 2006, 20:50

afternoon says:

As somebody who's currently building a big app on a dynamic web framework with colourful icons and ajax, I can say that you're all wrong. Web 2.0 is a buzzword, but there's cool stuff happening really.

30th Mar 2006, 00:52

nige says:

dont get me wrong afternoon, i'm talking about the term "web 2.0" itself, not the applications themselves. all i'm saying is that this type of development has been going on for a while, right? And yet the term seems to have been tagged by the web media as being the second coming of the t'internet.

as someone who is directly involved however, what do you think?

30th Mar 2006, 07:43

afternoon says:

Sorry, post lag.

I think you're right, of course there's hype again, I'm almost not admitting it because it seems so ludicrous that we should come out of the last bust and throw ourselves into this boom so totally.

What I do see is a small number of companies coming up with great ideas and being pretty successful as a result. Not stellar, but happy. I don't want to indulge the boynerd stereotype too much, but wives are realising it was worth the wait. I may be one step too many removed from real events, with a buffering layer of hype in between, but that seems to be a genuine upturn to me. Three years ago, people just felt lucky if they kept their day job.

My simple side would just ally with Swamprose, let's just get on with it and see what happens, but I realise there's a level above just the plain technology, the people who aren't hackers have a world of their own and when technology trends push out into that world as now, more interesting stuff happens. It's a movement. After all Web 2.0 is not really about new ways of writing code, it's about new things that people can do with their web browser. In fact, I think the essence of Web 2.0 is actually "Oh look, people who are not nerds might just care enough to try using this stuff! It's almost like Yahoo! Finance isn't the definitive web app!"

4th Apr 2006, 01:32

nige says:

i agree, the upturn is definately welcoming. any predictions for who you think the movers and shakers are? i had a look at the web 2.0 list and there are an *awful lot* of companies on there...

4th Apr 2006, 08:59

jc1000000 says:

aaargh! I understood perfectly what "we need to rationalise our vertical market space" meant. I've turned to the dark side!

7th Apr 2006, 11:29

nige says:

jc - you are a *corporate cocksucker*. hahahahahahahahahaha. ;)

7th Apr 2006, 11:32

jc1000000 says:

LOL Bill Hicks skits spring to mind right now.

8th Apr 2006, 15:13

nige 2.0 says:

haha. indeed.

8th Apr 2006, 19:08