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one wonders why they bothered with all the other exits...
24th Mar 2006, 16:35   | tags:,,,

daz says:

I was utterly confused until I remembered that you guys drive on the left side, hence going clockwise in a roundabout. :)

24th Mar 2006, 16:37

culfinglin says:

augh, i'm having flashbacks to NZ roundabouts! :)

24th Mar 2006, 16:53

mat says:

you don't really have roundabouts in the US, do you?

Driving in NZ is wonderful. Empty roads, polite drivers, jaw-dropping scenery, cheap fuel. I drove from Christchurch to Auckland a few years ago, it still rates as one of the best journeys of my life.

24th Mar 2006, 16:58

ElphsHouse says:

mat - some cities in the US do have roundabouts, but they're not common.
Only place I've encountered them is just outside Boston, Massachusetts.

24th Mar 2006, 17:17

mat says:

The Boston area is, oddly enough, is one of the few places in the US I've been driven. I have relatives in Rhode Island. Well, that and driving across Wyoming and Utah, but I'm pretty sure that was just one long road.. :)

I read somewhere that the reason we drive on the left is that the startle reflex for right handers is to raise the right hand and lower the left - meaning in a panic situation, most people tend to steer off the road (hopefully into a ditch instead of onto a pavement) rather than into oncoming traffic.

24th Mar 2006, 17:22

ElphsHouse says:

oh, that Wyoming/Utah drive is the worst. So incredibly boring. And, yes, I believe it is the same goes on for days. I've done that drive 3 times, never want to do it again!

I've always wondered about that driving on the left, thanks for the insight

24th Mar 2006, 17:27

mat says:

I really enjoyed it, but then I was on holiday and we kept stopping to look at stuff. I love desert landscapes too.

That driving on left thing could be an urban myth, but I quite like it. The startle reflex bit is definitely true though. Stupid thing is, I'm left handed, and it's the other way around for us.

One thing I'd really like to do before the oil runs out is drive across the US. Maybe on a big fat motorcycle. With a tonne of cameras. :)

24th Mar 2006, 17:46

Steve says:

Never heard of the startle reflex before that makes a lot of sense, Thanks

24th Mar 2006, 17:51

bronxelf says:

We have roundabouts here. (we tend to call them "rotaries" or "traffic circles".)

See, now it all makes sense, as I'm left handed anyway. :)

Mat- having mad that trip five times now I think it's something everyone should do ONCE.

You'll be frightened enough after that.

24th Mar 2006, 20:38

miss bitter pants says:

i remember a traffic circle/roundabout in DC, every year we would go to the zoo. and every year we would get stuck on the roundabout. at 2 or 3 times around. usually followed by the wrong exit.

25th Mar 2006, 01:13

chris says:

Probably bollocks, but...

"In the past, almost everybody travelled on the left side of the road because that was the most sensible option for feudal, violent societies. Since most people are right-handed, swordsmen preferred to keep to the left in order to have their right arm nearer to an opponent and their scabbard further from him. Moreover, it reduced the chance of the scabbard (worn on the left) hitting other people."

"Furthermore, a right-handed person finds it easier to mount a horse from the left side of the horse, and it would be very difficult to do otherwise if wearing a sword (which would be worn on the left). It is safer to mount and dismount towards the side of the road, rather than in the middle of traffic, so if one mounts on the left, then the horse should be ridden on the left side of the road. "

25th Mar 2006, 11:45