Red Filbert has attractive red leaves and produces small but very tasty nuts

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Poorly Fuchsia

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Took this pic last week when i thought she might not
pull through But now she is well again and enjoying
all the extra attention
23rd Mar 2006, 21:51   | tags:,,

beth says:

glad to hear it!

23rd Mar 2006, 22:34

FilbertFox says:

her favorite food? She pesters us like crazy when we eat citrus fruits, particularly grapefruit. She loves eggs and cheese too.

And yes she is sweet.

She wont get completly better though, her condition is common in older dogs and cant be treated. She is 14 1/2.

24th Mar 2006, 08:51

crickson says:

Bugger : (

Hope she's ok.

24th Mar 2006, 10:36

FilbertFox says:

she is just old crickson

24th Mar 2006, 11:24

Ashlea says:

She has stupidity, mainly. Oh, and summat wrong with her inner ear, so she wobbles a lot.

How is the animal today, mother? Did she get back to Leeds ok?


24th Mar 2006, 16:36

FilbertFox says:

Swamprose - she has vestibular disease, so as Ashlea pointed out her inner ears making her feeling drunk. I thought she had had a stroke as it came on so suddenly, but it has gone just as quick (well almost still a bit unsteady). The vet says be prepared for bad days.

And yes Ash the 'animal' is home!

24th Mar 2006, 17:00

FilbertFox says:

sorry to hear about Dugald, Fuchsia is sending her very best wishes to him.

24th Mar 2006, 21:06

JokerXL says:

Hope Fuchsia's feeling a bit better now,
Wobbley Dog = trouble

24th Mar 2006, 22:42

Awww, she does look very poorly but glad to hear she's back on her feet. Even if those feet will always be a little unsteady!

If the tree produces a grapefruit I'll send one over... although she'll need to live to 114 I expect!

25th Mar 2006, 14:18

FilbertFox says:

WT she says that is well worth living for!

25th Mar 2006, 14:19

I'lll see if Crickson can help speed up (and enlarge of course) the process. But going by past experience I'm not holding my breath!

25th Mar 2006, 14:21

FilbertFox says:

no don't hold your breath WT, not a good idea. I wonder how Crickson is getting on with our malteeser order, i will hunt him down next week and demand prompt delivery.

25th Mar 2006, 16:01

crickson says:

*hides, while scoffing giant malteeser.

26th Mar 2006, 10:05

FilbertFox says:

you can run crickson but you can not hide

26th Mar 2006, 11:40

puddlepuff says:

It took me a few minutes, but now I see. It's a dog!?!

30th Mar 2006, 10:13

paintist says:

hope that there has been improvement since you posted this....doggie best wishes..

30th Mar 2006, 11:09

FilbertFox says:

Puddlepuff - what else did it look like?

Paintist - yes she is loads better thanks, there is a video clip from last weekend to back this statement up!

30th Mar 2006, 11:56