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can i like post pron, dude?

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WoRL: the day my WoW char came for a visit

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disclaimer: i did this before is saw that fantastic viral...
23rd Mar 2006, 04:22   | tags:,

alfie says:

Awesome :) And that viral? My mate did that, old b3tan head, but made good.

23rd Mar 2006, 10:09

ookiine says:


23rd Mar 2006, 11:05


29th Mar 2006, 22:49

Euphro says:

So, did they tidy the place up?

29th Mar 2006, 22:51

Surely they would need permission for that

29th Mar 2006, 22:53

Euphro says:

Well, I would have thought that you'd have a contract with them, like two hours a week with some ironing thrown in or something like that :)

29th Mar 2006, 22:56

and a penalty clause if that bear leaves clawmarks on the floor

29th Mar 2006, 22:57

Euphro says:

The bear probably deals with limescale around the taps and in the bath :D

29th Mar 2006, 22:58

and that sword is just for trimming plant leaves

29th Mar 2006, 22:59

Euphro says:

and flicking things out from behind the couch

29th Mar 2006, 23:00

would have thought the bear's breath would have done that

29th Mar 2006, 23:01

Euphro says:

I sense that you thought I was being rude, but when I saw the message title in the comments bar, I initially thought it referred to a "char" in the sense of cleaning lady and it really tickled me to think of a World of Warcraft cleaner :D

29th Mar 2006, 23:06

me? no - just playing.
Don't think Piece is around at the mo

29th Mar 2006, 23:16

oh, i had no idea that "char" has that meaning in british. i of course used char like the WoW players do, short for character. but but but, brilliant business idea there. blizzard, the makers of WoW, should offer a cleaning service so that the appartments of addicted WoW players get cleaned at least every once in awhile.

30th Mar 2006, 03:45