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Grey streak coming along nicely...

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19th Mar 2006, 20:08   | tags:,,

g says:

cool !

19th Mar 2006, 20:09

Uber_Spy says:

thanks G! If i must start greying at 25 - I will embrace it whole heartedly! Also rather pleased its contained..

19th Mar 2006, 20:12

nige says:

snip! snip!

19th Mar 2006, 20:16

Uber_Spy says:

oi!! do you mind?? its the only thing i've tried to grow that hasn't actually died on me. Wait..on second thoughts...

19th Mar 2006, 20:19

nige says:

plants? I'll bet...

19th Mar 2006, 20:21

beth says:

wow. i love streaks of grey! they're so charachterful and interesting.

19th Mar 2006, 20:27

Rich says:

Very Morticia, very cool.

19th Mar 2006, 20:29

Uber_Spy says:

Thanks Beth! :) London did it...working for publishing company on 2 weekly mags with nasty deadlines...stress made it sprout!

19th Mar 2006, 20:29

beth says:

yes i can imagine that could be rather stressful! I'm hoping my hair's just going to fade and fade and fade.. speckled ginger people do look ever so wrong.

19th Mar 2006, 22:01

bobisdead says:

i wish i had a streak....ive got a good deal of grey spread evenly through out my no one can even tell unless they are in close (very few people are ever that close), i'm even getting some in my only 27...this seems odd, but im ok with it, as id rather get some grey going than be bald...
though that is bound to happen too i suppose.

19th Mar 2006, 22:31

Uber_Spy says:

Well..not bound to. Is your dad bald? Thats a good way to tell...

19th Mar 2006, 23:11

bobisdead says:

indeed he is...they all are...grandfathers, uncles, cousins...even my younger brother has developed a widow's peak that wasn't there before...maybe I'll just be lucky.

20th Mar 2006, 00:17

Uber_Spy says:

Apparently, bald men are SUPA desirable - because being bald means they have extra high levels of testerone, and tons of women will be instinctively drawn to this. So - if baldness comes your way at some stage..count yourself lucky..

20th Mar 2006, 14:05

nige says:

Uber likes baldies! Uber likes baldies! Naa-naa-naa-naa!

22nd Mar 2006, 14:14

g says:

mmmmm bald women

22nd Mar 2006, 14:27

nige says:

you like 'em natalie portman ala V for Vendetta, or proper bald - Skin from Skunk Anasie style? Love Skin.

22nd Mar 2006, 14:29

g says:

actually i don't think i do. i like portman though, bald or not bald. not many bald women are there? the only other ones i can think of are grace jones and gail porter.

22nd Mar 2006, 14:31

Uber_Spy says:

and Sinead O Connor. And Demi Moore (as GI Jane)...oohh and Signorney Weaver in Alien.
Found this site:
/> Be proud to be bald! Say no to rugs, drugs & plugs!! (thats what it says...honest)

22nd Mar 2006, 19:16

nige says:

shave yer head Uber, go on!

22nd Mar 2006, 19:29

Uber_Spy says:

Unlikely!!! I'm umming and aaahing about cutting a Betty Page inspired fringe - let alone the whole shabang! How r your follicles these days Nige??

22nd Mar 2006, 19:45

taniwha says:

Yeah, unfortunately I'm going to end my days the greying distinguished type rather than the balding virile type.

22nd Mar 2006, 19:46

kostika says:

I'm surprised I haven't got alot of grey going myself. My mom had tons by time she was 30.

Of course I'd have to stop dying my hair to find out if I have greys....

22nd Mar 2006, 19:50

taniwha says:

having kids really aged me but am surprised at teh lack of grey.

22nd Mar 2006, 19:52

Uber_Spy says:

Wooohooo to going grey and not bald!! woohoo!!

22nd Mar 2006, 20:02

nige says:

full head of 'air me. extremely virile. Haha!

23rd Mar 2006, 07:45

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