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Toastabags! they're this years cillit bang! in boots!
18th Mar 2006, 14:55   | tags:,,,

kel says:

BAG! And the toastie is done!

18th Mar 2006, 15:01

kostika says:

All the cheese would end up in the bottom of the bag though.

18th Mar 2006, 15:14

bronxelf says:

so like 8 bucks? That's not so bad. :)

Cool. I'll have to get some when I come over there.

18th Mar 2006, 15:18

daz says:


18th Mar 2006, 16:16

Euphro says:

Ah, they're the yellow ones. The Lakeland ones are black (or charcoal) :D

19th Mar 2006, 23:11

seaneeboy says:

That's odd, I'd have thought the black would have made the heat distribution better.

Then again, I think red cars go faster.

20th Mar 2006, 09:48

Joe says:

nooo...silver cars go faster, red cars have more accidents :)

20th Mar 2006, 09:50

g says:

cool! the cillit bang guy barry scott he is a fake human being

20th Mar 2006, 09:52

Joe says:

he demands that you look at the penny.

20th Mar 2006, 09:52

seaneeboy says:

g - cillit bang is *SO* 2005 :)

EDIT - Toastabags are *SO* now.

20th Mar 2006, 09:53

g says:

i bow at the toastabags in the full knowledge they are better than i could ever be


20th Mar 2006, 09:54

red cars only have more accidents as there are more of them but red does make them faster. and yellow makes them sporty and silly

20th Mar 2006, 09:58

seaneeboy says:

Damn straight ;)

20th Mar 2006, 09:58

frog51 says:

Silver is fastest, cos the wind just slides of the smooth mirrory surface

(or something)

21st Mar 2006, 16:53