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Frustrated musician moonlighting as an I.T. geek seeks shithot likeminded acoustic musicians in the storming Irish trad/Bluegrass genres to turn the UK festival circuit on its head. Apply here..

Hurrah! Festival season is upon us.
I'm now ready for a summer of festival and musical debauchery.
Got the quality sound and picture recording portion of my life sorted out finally, the worlds best festival tent, a whole f*cktonne of enthusiasm and limitless alcohol.

Bring it on and maybe see some of you down the line (or in casualty getting our stomachs pumped) ^_^

All images submitted are copyright me. If for some strange reason you did want to use any of them please contact me and i'm sure we can work something out.

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free broken teeth with every mugging attempt :)

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Result of a very good night out with an old uni mate ^_^
Some complete twats took blatant advantage of me whilst paralytically drunk
at 4am wandering the streets, so much so I don't remember a jot of it.
However, good news is at least one of the poor sapweeds left the event with
no teeth, judging by the teeth marks in my knuckles, plus I got my wallet
back! Bonus!!
Just wish i'd been sober enough to properly do them all in. Cheeky twats!

Spike says:

bastards, kick their ass seabass!!!

i really fucking hate the twats that jump drunken people, but on the other hand, leaving them for half dead after they try to mug me and feeling no guilt is a good thing!!!

hope your ok dude

16th Mar 2006, 01:05

sslovetub says:

I'm fine aside from the eyeball, went all manner of lovely colours! Trust me, people like that are scum of the earth. I think it is only a good thing that I was not sober for I would not be held responsible for my actions...
'Kick till stop twitch' is the motto for people like that.

16th Mar 2006, 01:09

Spike says:

and even more of a motto,

'Dont underestimate the mental state of a moblogger'


16th Mar 2006, 01:12

sslovetub says:

Not yet, i'm still keeping an eye out for the front teethless chav mofo downtown tho. Rest assured when I spy his ass his face and wallet are mine..

16th Mar 2006, 01:14

well its a good job you put up a fight it might make them think twice before doing it to someone less able to steal their teeth

16th Mar 2006, 09:45

sslovetub says:

I hope so!

16th Mar 2006, 12:19

altcity says:

Nice shiner!

Hope the twat has spent the last week eating through a straw

16th Mar 2006, 12:30

DocD says:

Moblog vigilantes unite!

16th Mar 2006, 12:34

chris says:

shit dude! glad you got a couple of punches in matey. Hope it all heals quickly!

16th Mar 2006, 22:28

Joe says:

Holy Shite!...hope you're ok mate....

16th Mar 2006, 22:28

sslovetub says:

Yah fine. I was so blathered I don't remember pretty much anything of it at all, pieced back the events through the taxi driver who picked me up just after it happened, deduction and teethmarks/aching fist. Found the whole episode quite amusing to be honest. It was an epic night of drinking that I haven't seen the likes of since I was at uni with the very same mate...very bad influence on my drinking habits..almost as bad as that Chris fella... ;)

17th Mar 2006, 09:21

chris says:

hehehe. i'm close to drinking Leeds dry...

You at DERT tomorrow?

17th Mar 2006, 20:04

sslovetub says:

Bit late now but no. Had a gig in Manc with Becky and Emma Sweeney, top laugh, then got spaggered in a pub down the road playing till gone 4am. My liver is still crying.
Heard a good time was had by all at DERT..

20th Mar 2006, 11:22

mtt(straightfromssauga-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

dude you alright ouch!! that loks bad what did ur parents sAY?

19th Sep 2006, 20:53

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