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I'm not a pheasant plucker

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so fat and delicious-looking....
2nd Mar 2006, 01:36   | tags:,,,

walla_walla says:

but can you catch it?

2nd Mar 2006, 01:55

mat says:

I broke my gun sights some weeks ago :(

could always set snares, I guess..

2nd Mar 2006, 02:03

walla_walla says:

lol.....that'll do just fine i guess!

nice picture by the way.

2nd Mar 2006, 05:10

bronxelf says:

I sense products from Acme in your future.

2nd Mar 2006, 05:48

Steve says:

I love his face and run

2nd Mar 2006, 14:34

seaneeboy says:

Funnily enough when it first popped up on my screen "Boys will be boys" came on the office stereo - the jauntyness matched it perfectly!

2nd Mar 2006, 14:53

sunnidae says:

This reminds me of "Danny, Champion of the World" :)

3rd Mar 2006, 01:31

mat says:

Now there's an idea.

Barbiturates and dried fruit, together again.... :)

3rd Mar 2006, 01:33

beth says:

I'm a pheasant plucker's son

3rd Mar 2006, 10:45

teflon says:

Pleasantly plucking pheasants

3rd Mar 2006, 10:56

seaneeboy says:

'Till the pheasant plucking's done!

3rd Mar 2006, 11:27

teflon says:

That's so much easier to type than it is to say...

3rd Mar 2006, 11:29

wildrainbows says:

lol I *love* this picture!!

3rd Mar 2006, 22:39

JudgeTredd says:

Very good timing - congrats on an A1 pic!

4th Mar 2006, 17:13

DocD says:

So this is what they look like alive...
See previous blog entry:

4th Mar 2006, 17:45

afternoon says:

Dude, you're fast turning into a proper David Attenborough. Stick at though, the results are cool.

14th Mar 2006, 01:39

jc1000000 says:

I like it. A David Attenborough who thinks with his stomach :-)

14th Mar 2006, 02:04

The Man from Orange says:

meep meep!!!!!

7th Apr 2006, 13:25