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bottom shelf are mine, top two are Martwine's.

left to right, they are:

top shelf: Zeiss Ikon, Coronet 6x6, Chinon 35EE, Cosmic 35M, Yashica Electro GTN, Yashica Electro GT, Yashica Electro GT, Boots Beirette BL, Felica 120, Petri Racer, Petri 7S

middle: Sony Cybershot P50, Zenit EM, Edixa Reflex C, Nikon FM2, Nikon FG, Nikon EM, Nikon EM, Nikon Pronea S, Pentax ME Super, Pentax ME Super, Lubitel 166B

bottom: Agfa Synchro Box, Brownie Flash (pinhole conversion), Ensign Ful-vue (pinhole), Lomo LC-A, Lomo Action Sampler, Pentax ME Super, Fed 5B, Fed 5, Fed 4, Cosmic 35, Holga, Lubitel 166B, Zeiss Ikon, Zeiss Ikon.

Note to potential burglers: guard cat in residence.
1st Mar 2006, 18:46   | tags:,,,

beth says:

they are so -ace- to stare at

1st Mar 2006, 18:51

mat says:

bigger version

they sit and stare at me while I'm at my desk. I stare back, sometimes.

1st Mar 2006, 18:55

afternoon says:

Dang, and I thought I was bad for records.

They must be a nightmare to dust! ;-)

1st Mar 2006, 19:09

goode says:

oh dust!

I've got the camera bug at the moment!

1st Mar 2006, 19:17

neel says:

Oh. My. Me.

1st Mar 2006, 19:44

Rich says:

Our collective nerd levels are off the scale.

1st Mar 2006, 20:16

Steve pretending to be Helen says:

Wow.... just wow

1st Mar 2006, 22:41

Euphro says:

Marvellous :)

1st Mar 2006, 22:45

peanutsandwich says:
No dusting!

Excuse me, I'm off to buy a job lot of catnip...

2nd Mar 2006, 09:47

Dhamaka/Daz's Rent-a-Mum says:


7th Mar 2006, 21:02

Uber_Spy says:

GREAT!!! Really would like to buy a Lomo - any tips?

9th Mar 2006, 22:12

Joe says:

Uber_Spy ebay is your friend for an LC-A, get a good reconditioned one (the older the better), thats where I got mine (was made in 1989 and is in perfect working order)

9th Mar 2006, 23:15

mat says:

I bought mine from, but that was years ago, before their prices got stupid.

10th Mar 2006, 00:29

arkangel says:

yours are more colourful
(Martwine's life may be more monotonous than it needs to be)

14th Mar 2006, 20:44