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Borrowed my friend's camera. It's broken but not as broken as mine is
broken. This is my friend whose broken camera it be. She is not broken.
She's smoken.
1st Mar 2006, 00:15   | tags:,,,


Joe says:

That first shot is freaking amazing...if thats from a broken camera, I need to break mine :)

1st Mar 2006, 00:18

alfie says:

somehow the top shot of your mate seems...french?

whats that about...

1st Mar 2006, 00:19

slinka says:

Must be the cigarette. I hear the French smoke.

1st Mar 2006, 00:27

alfie says:

me too, and they're like, *thousands of miles away from me*.


1st Mar 2006, 00:32

Joe says:

*smokes like a frenchman

1st Mar 2006, 00:40

alfie says:

pretty much a fair approximation there buddy :)

1st Mar 2006, 00:54

slinka says:

*pees like a pony

1st Mar 2006, 01:00

alfie says:

theres no call for that kind of thing here! is that what they teach you in those canadian isles?

1st Mar 2006, 01:09

Rich says:

I reckon she's entirely self-taught, Dennen

*shits like a shirehorse

1st Mar 2006, 15:37