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Is she the cutest dog in the world or what?
19th Feb 2006, 16:53   | tags:,,,

crickson says:

Yeah, pretty cute, but there is some competition...

19th Feb 2006, 17:37

FilbertFox says:

sorry still think mine is the bestest

19th Feb 2006, 19:48

Helen says:

What is she?

She's lovely.

19th Feb 2006, 22:22

Joe says:

A dog I think

badum tish

19th Feb 2006, 22:23

Helen says:

Oh, not a cat. My mistake.

19th Feb 2006, 22:26

FilbertFox says:

as joe says - a dog i think! some sort of odd mix, when she was a pup she looked liked a cross between a spanial and an old english sheep dog. Now she is an old lady (13 1/4) she is still as bonkers as ever - but at least she has stopped climbing trees and fences!

20th Feb 2006, 08:26

crickson says:

FFox> Did you remember what it was you were going to ask me?...

20th Feb 2006, 09:30

FilbertFox says:

no I FF can't!

20th Feb 2006, 11:12

Poppet says:

Sorry Crickson

But Fuschia is much cuter than the chichua (can't spell it)

21st Feb 2006, 12:41

crickson says:

No way, Holly was concentrated cute.

21st Feb 2006, 13:40

Ashlea says:

I miss Fuschia!! Can you send her in the post?

21st Feb 2006, 16:10

Nice dog.

Weird name.

21st Feb 2006, 19:40

FilbertFox says:

Weird name?
It is a literary reference!

22nd Feb 2006, 11:22

Ashlea says:

Mum, it is a weird name. But then you named her...

22nd Feb 2006, 15:06

FilbertFox says:

and i named you, oh weired daughter

22nd Feb 2006, 16:03

Ashlea says:

Yeah, and look how I turned out...

23rd Feb 2006, 15:35

Cute dog. There needs to be more dogbloggers. This site seems to be overrun with mogblogs.

Crickson> Holly was very cute. And far less yappy than Shivy. I always thought your previous dog (can't remember her name, but was a King Charles spaniel I think) was cuter though.

24th Feb 2006, 19:05

FilbertFox says:

Ta RAB, she is very cute, and your right too many mogbloggers for my liking. Not sure about the cuteness rating of Holly though.

25th Feb 2006, 10:52