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the essential kitchen document..
24th Jun 2004, 14:36   | tags:

nomad says:

oh THATS who.... i was wondering.

(nomad - t-w-2 (strongish)

24th Jun 2004, 14:40

Alfie says:


24th Jun 2004, 14:41

Joe_Archer says:

hold on!'s wrong!! I only have 1 sugar!

24th Jun 2004, 14:43

kel says:

I need to get me one of those... all these engineer/tv types take RANDOM amounts of sugar.
(oh and: t/w/0, thank you!)

24th Jun 2004, 15:01

jc1000000 says:

c / w / 0
Y'know just in case i drop by ;-)

24th Jun 2004, 15:09

parkylondon says:

Oh please... 1.5 sugars! Waaayyy

24th Jun 2004, 15:14

nomad says:

i bet 'simon' is a bit of a 'nigel'

'coffee simon?'
'yeah, white 2 sugars please.... oh actually... make that 1.5, i'm already sweet enough.....'

24th Jun 2004, 15:17

mat says:

Hehe.. Simon's our creative director, and one of the company founders. I'll tell him that : )

btw, we are href="" target="_blank">Soup Ltd

24th Jun 2004, 15:53

nomad says:


nice work if you can get it eh? nice to see you got the NCFC on there.... and massey ferguson... d'you get a good rate on tractors?...and fuji...and virgin, my cousin works for virgin. she's mr B's beauty therapist out on his island.....

24th Jun 2004, 16:00

Joe_Archer says:

Branson has
A) an island?
B) a beauty therapist?
Personally I reckon he's building a doomsday machine

24th Jun 2004, 16:03

nomad says:

he's got quite a few islands... including... 'the virgin islands' on necker where my blonde ex in flight beauty therapist is they even got a giant tramampoline out in the sea.... oh and you can rent the island when he isn't there, accomodation staff n all... for

24th Jun 2004, 16:08

nomad says:

sorry that makes it sound like 'my ex' - i meant my blonde cousin, ex blah blah... we're not inbred. honest.

and yeah he has a beauty therapist for him its massages.. n his wife n daughter have 'the works'... dont know about his son

24th Jun 2004, 16:10