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My Laptop!

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Bless those lovely Mac people! I am running my Laptop even though it
is off being repaired! I cloned the drive and have booted off my
external HD now my desktop thinks it is my laptop. (it's a bit
slower, and I get the odd error message but it works)
9th Feb 2006, 20:17   | tags:,,,

Rhys says:


9th Feb 2006, 20:55

Steve says:

I am dead pleased

9th Feb 2006, 21:00

Joe says:

I have a partition on my external disk which is a basic install of linux, in case my system disk ever goes tits annoys me that I can't do a full backup of my system disk, an image would be about 160gig!

9th Feb 2006, 21:09

Steve says:

I love the Lacie drives, they have always been fine with me.

Prices have already come down loads, buy one you won't regret it

9th Feb 2006, 21:27

Joe says:

Mines a Lacie too...very really is very cheap at the moment, I've considered just replacing the disk in my lacie to a bigger one, 250gig drives are super cheap right now.

9th Feb 2006, 21:29

daz says:

The LaCies are a thing of beauty. :)

I have an old 40gig hard drive lying around that I keep meaning to buy a 3.5" case for, to use for the occasional backup. A full copy of my home directory won't fit, unless I leave out some, err, media files. Ah well. After finals. :)

9th Feb 2006, 21:40

Steve says:

I have a 70 gig partition for my 70 gig laptop. I also have an external drive which has my music on which has a drive of equal size next to it and I back it up every few weeks.

9th Feb 2006, 21:42

daz says:

*purrs* oh yes, one day I shall be abundandly equipped with storage space, too. :)

9th Feb 2006, 21:44