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Dig this shot for the weirdness. I could be a french mime artist or
something. The question is, what am I miming?

posted by alfie

Posted by Alfie

26th Jan 2006, 21:42  


g says:

you've farted, there's a smelly mess in your pants and you're at the point where the warm comfort is turning cold?

is there a prize for guessing correctly?

26th Jan 2006, 22:10

Twiglet says:

You put me in mind of Marc Almond without the eyeliner!

26th Jan 2006, 22:12

Sort of David Walliams ish as well..

26th Jan 2006, 22:16

alfie says:

Damn I was going for overawed at someones hotness and I end up with poop in my pants, thanks G ;)

Have you been around? havnt seen you much. Coming to the birthday bash?

26th Jan 2006, 22:25

jc1000000 says:

Wow you've got a Holly from Red Dwarf mode!

Holly: " We have three realistic alternatives: (1) Sit here and get blown up, (2) Stand here and get blown up, (3) Jump up and down, shout at me for not being able to think of anything, then get blown up."

26th Jan 2006, 23:06

g says:

hey alfster, no i haven't but i will do my best to attend the birthday ting defo.

26th Jan 2006, 23:26

anonymous says:

is it an imitation OF a mine, imitating what another Mime would look like if he were to imitate a mime?

that...or someones entering you

27th Jan 2006, 09:33

SPike NLI says:

sorry that was me!

27th Jan 2006, 09:33

daves being all hidy and not telling people who he is. ha cheeky monkey

27th Jan 2006, 09:36

anonymous says:

Im not being hidy, i just forgot

27th Jan 2006, 09:45

spike - NLI says:

see. forgot

27th Jan 2006, 09:45

Nope hidy

27th Jan 2006, 09:53

alfie says:

hidey hidey wins. Thats exactly what Im miming ;)

27th Jan 2006, 11:12

hidy hidey spike NLI says:


hahahah :D

27th Jan 2006, 11:19

1axe says:

DUDE! I dont know who you are, but you are the spitting image of me! I had to proper double look to make sure it wasnt a photo of me. Imma have to sign up to this place so you can see.

28th Jan 2006, 14:48

alfie says:

too funny axe - it does happen though, Im told fairly regularly that someone saw my doppelganger - looking forward to seeing your ugly mug grace these pages ;)

28th Jan 2006, 16:34