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post-brew Yin Lou (white snail) tea leaves.

hmmm. I seem to be focussed a lot on tea recently.
19th Jan 2006, 01:04   | tags:,,

jc1000000 says:


19th Jan 2006, 12:36

mat says:

exceedingly so. and very very good for me as well, lots of nice antioxidants and polyphenols.

19th Jan 2006, 18:01

neko says:

reminds me of those chillys at the kebab shop

19th Jan 2006, 21:53

? The Almighty Angel ? says:

i think you've found a hobby...

19th Jan 2006, 22:28

spongevid says:

the fact they are called "white snails" tea leaves really puts me off wanting to try it! heh.

19th Jan 2006, 22:32

.: ? :. KAYZE .: ? :. says:

MAT? What happened to MOBLOG???!!!

23rd Jan 2006, 04:15

goode says:

Argh i think it's dead!

23rd Jan 2006, 04:16

goode says:

I sent an email to him incase he didn't know......

23rd Jan 2006, 04:16

.: ? :. KAYZE .: ? :. says:

Am I glad it's back! My heart stopped for a bit! lol

23rd Jan 2006, 06:07

.: ? :. KAYZE .: ? :. says:

Videos still aint back tho. O.. ohh!

23rd Jan 2006, 06:09

mat says:

Your heart stopped! I nearly died! :)

I don't know what happened just yet, and anything posted Sunday is (permanently, as far as I can tell) missing. Thank goodness for backups, but it's bad luck that this seems to have happened just a few minutes before the backup was scheduled to run again.

I'm looking into this now. It's more than a little worrying.

23rd Jan 2006, 06:11

kozika says:

Maintenance OK!
2004/12/14 The server of moblogUK received the hardware error.
Do you remember?

I am convinced that you can solve this difficult problem.

23rd Jan 2006, 06:37

.: ? :. KAYZE .: ? :. says:

LoL. MAT???!!! Im scared n im scared for u!

As you can tell... I love my pics n videos and I cherish all the memories. Please.. sort it out! I'll be ur friend for life! xx

23rd Jan 2006, 06:39

kozika says:

I also agree to KAYZE.
((Hugs for KAYZE))

23rd Jan 2006, 09:33

kozika says:

Sorry, Mat.
Please forgive the following excessive comments.

The following links are "Bloglines_Preview Feed" of kozika 's moblogUK.
links [New window]

I hope that these links become hints of the cause investigation.

23rd Jan 2006, 11:54