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Potter without a studio (college being remodelled), medical secretary, cancer survivor, would-be cake decorator, knitter (or at least collector of yarn), and general spazoid.

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Found side-by-side at Barnes and Noble. Appropriate.
7th Jan 2006, 17:56  


bronxelf says:

If you're still at BN! I need you to take a photo of something for me!

7th Jan 2006, 18:13

yourhermione says:

Well, I would have, except that I can't check moblog from my shit phone.

I tried to get a smartphone today, but I don't think i can swing the additional $45 a month it would add to my cell bill. Fuck.

7th Jan 2006, 23:01

bronxelf says:

The treo 700 was just released, btw.

It's okay. I'll finagle the photo at some point tomorrow at BN, if I can get in there.

7th Jan 2006, 23:14

yourhermione says:

I know. I was going to buy it yesterday, until I found out about the additional $45 a month for web access, which I can't afford with the medical bills that are going to start rolling in. I can't even tell you how pissed off I am about this.

8th Jan 2006, 17:18