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About Me:Darren P Millar

I'm a DJ from Aberdeen (Scotland) that's about me for just now!

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My Pet Hate: is TUESDAY, everything that has ever gone wrong in my life has happened on a TUESDAY! I hate it, it's now my day off so that i don't have to face the world! Don't make me have to suffer TUESDAY by asking me about it!!! I also dislike girls who drink pints, smoke and generally act like men!!

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Ten Million Candle Power!!!!

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11 hours and counting for full charge! this thing is awesome! will be
having some fun with it! And all for just ?17

mat says:

Do keep it away from people's eyes though. Blinding ain't no fun.

I've got a 1,000,000 candle power torch, and the beam off that is enough to warm skin to uncomfortable temperatures, let alone ones retina!

It is awesomely bright though, and much fun. :)

19th Dec 2005, 17:38

goode says:

noted! Instructions clearly state avoid shining the light directly into the eyes!


19th Dec 2005, 17:45

Joe says:

christ, are you trying to attract the attention of distant planets?

19th Dec 2005, 17:46

mat says:

Yeah, mine is like that - you can't use it for more than 15 minutes at one time, becuase it might melt..

19th Dec 2005, 17:47

goode says:

Joe: We might even dicover a new planet as i'm sure you could see further than Pluto! It's Awesome!

Mat: Not melted yet... hope it doesn't!

Sheep: Perhaps not a good idea!?

Hotdog: 3,000,000 candles is powerful! 10 million is taking the piss!

19th Dec 2005, 18:19

mcgandhi says:

i saw we drive round to Electric_Sheep's house and shine it through his bedroom windae whilst they try to sleep...

19th Dec 2005, 18:26

goode says:

Splendid idea...

19th Dec 2005, 18:27

goode says:

oi McGandhi! not got any pics yet?! Loser!

19th Dec 2005, 18:29

mcgandhi says:

my phone ain't even got a colour screen, let alone mascara...

19th Dec 2005, 18:30

goode says:

**rolls eyes** i'll give you one if you really want!?

19th Dec 2005, 18:33

mcgandhi says:

you know what i *really* want...

so...what IS sheep's address?!

19th Dec 2005, 18:37

goode says:

tut tut tut!

19th Dec 2005, 18:40

goode says:

worry not fellow reveller!

19th Dec 2005, 19:06

DocD says:


19th Dec 2005, 22:54

goode says:

why not?!

20th Dec 2005, 03:07

mcgandhi says:

i now know where the sheep lives. victory shall be mine!

20th Dec 2005, 06:29

goode says:

oh dear oh dear!

20th Dec 2005, 12:37

Paul says:

Where can i get one M8 ?

5th Oct 2006, 05:24

Frankie says:

Ive just bought a 22,000,000 candle power spotlight but it weighs a ton, the battery lasts about an hour of constant use.

24th Feb 2007, 20:13

aunt sally says:

ha was looking for pressie for hubby for xmas but this looks toooooooo powerful for the amn who only has three corners left on his work bench as he sawed off one corner by accident! god alone knows what damage he could do with this beast!

5th Nov 2007, 21:18

Eddy says:

Im sorry to say mut those lights are no where near 10 million candle power, they run about 400,000-500,000 at most.

13th Mar 2009, 16:40

bightsparkyyy says:

nah maaaayyn, its way bryta dan 4-5 mil.... i gots 1 of doze tings seen, morse coded ma shit ova tu JA babee! 1

7th Oct 2009, 18:57

East-Wilder says:

A 10 million candle power torch is just mental, who would ever need such a thing??!! Except for the nutter who sends morse code messages to Jamaica!! Loooon! Rock a Chooooon!!!

13th Oct 2009, 23:07

Barry (fgilson-at-bigpond-dot-net-dot-au) says:

Just bought 10 million candle power but did not get instructions, does anyone have a copy I could have or buy

7th Mar 2010, 05:17

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8th Apr 2010, 07:58

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