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Before and after An Evening With Jon Stewart

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1. The stage setting for a reading of America (the spinoff book from The Daily Show) at the Prince Edward Theatre, featuring host Jon Stewart, head writer David Javerbaum and producer Ben Karlin.

2. The copy of the book they signed for me after the show.

(Yes, it would be nice to have a photo of them on stage here, but the lights were too bright for my crappy mobile to pick up anything other than an overexposed blur. Although I prefer to think that the photo was actually ruined by the suckiness of surprise guest star Ricky Gervais, who managed to cock up a perfectly amusing routine through his inability to pronounce
Spanish swear words.)


critical g says:

ooh i bet that was great

12th Dec 2005, 10:59

SpankTM says:

Apart from the awkward Gervais interlude*, very good indeed. A taped intro of the best bits from the Daily Show's July 7th coverage, a series of readings from the book, and then questions from the audience. Stewart obviously came off best (both in terms of delivery and his responses to the audience), but the other two backroom guys were fine too.

* Okay, I'll give Gervais credit for one decent line, following the roar of applause when he came on stage.

JS: "Hey, I flew five thousand miles to be here, and he just walked here from the Groucho Club."

RG: "I didn't walk..."

12th Dec 2005, 13:05