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The moblog of Katie Lee. This is the moblog I set up for an article I wrote for the Indy on Sunday. I liked it so much I decided to stay!

I'm co-founder of www.shinymedia.com, a lovely blog publishing type company.

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Milo in Silhouette

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My freaky cat in silhouette.
Incidentally. I just wrote this about you. It's like an never ending
article-moblog-article-moblog loop.
Hint: anyone who says it's "mo-blog" is wrong and should be stopped.
16th Nov 2005, 16:22  


seaneeboy says:

No no no no no! It's definately Mow - blog! None of this mob log malarky. Makes us sound like a mob! Like Louts!

OK, perhaps there's a point...

16th Nov 2005, 16:32

al says:

did you go to art school? these pics are beautiful

16th Nov 2005, 16:44

daz says:

Freaky silhouette. :)

16th Nov 2005, 16:55

Oooo... cool photo. Is the cat named after the Nestle malty chocolate drink from Australia? Or maybe the Italian erotic artist?

16th Nov 2005, 19:16

chris says:

definitely mob-log.

oh, and you cat has a very good name.

16th Nov 2005, 19:22

alfie says:

Ive always pronounced it mob-log - HOWEVER, after many attempts and experiments, the pronunciation mo-blog makes more phonetic sense to people you are explaing it to, or telling where you are calling from on the phone.

20th Nov 2005, 12:47

OJ says:

Hello Milo.

I say mow-blog, to differentiate it from another kind of blog...

20th Nov 2005, 14:13

Steve says:

I am in the "moe-blog" camp, sorry!

20th Nov 2005, 20:53

Steve says:

Great shot though

20th Nov 2005, 20:54

Helen says:

I was looking forward to an indepth and indisputable well-reasoned logical discussion when I followed that link! Tut, Shiny Katie!

22nd Nov 2005, 20:46

Helen says:

(I say Mo-blog you see, Mobile-blog.)

22nd Nov 2005, 20:48

ShinyKatie says:

But blog is short for weB log. Next you'll be telling me you say wee blog.
Really both ways make sense (you say it's short for mo(bile)blog, I say the B comes from the mobile bit.) but the fact is mow-blog sounds all american with its stressed first syllable and hearing it from british mouths sounds silly. So there. That's my intelligent, well-reasoned discussion - it sounds silly when people say mo-blog. I think you'll find that wins any argument. So ner.

23rd Nov 2005, 09:44

Helen says:

It sounds silly when people say baaarth, but they still insist upon it in weird parts of the country (saying that I switch between bath and barth, but mostly to see if anyone notices/comments).

I might start calling it a Molog, or maybe spelling it out as Mo'blog.

But, anyway, blog is the accepted shortened version of weblog, not log. The world's being taken over by bloggers, not loggers.

Hmmm, I'm sure we had a shared moblog that people could send sound clips to illustrating their chosen pronunciation. But I can't find it. There are, admittedly, more mobbloggers.

23rd Nov 2005, 18:35

Euphro says:

There is some mention of the duality on Wikipedia :)

5th Dec 2005, 16:42

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