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I'm a mobile marketing specialist who also happens to be interested in fashion, art, music, blogging, shopping, interesting people blah blah blah.

I write a blog about mobile marketing over at My business website is at (BeepMarketing is a mobile marketing agency).

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Starsight Project wins Best Use of Mobile Data Awards

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Steve Flaherty pictured here with his MDA (Mobile Data Association) award for Best Use of Short Range Data for the Starsight Project. Well done Steve - you and the Kolam Partnership team deserve it.

The Starsight Project has a multi service architecture delivering solar powered WiFi within solar powered street lighting units, and providing light and broadband internet access with the future potential for voice.


alfie says:

wow, well done Steve!! I had no idea Steve did anything like that!

14th Nov 2005, 20:17

technokitten says:

our Steve is a man of many talents Alfie ;-)

15th Nov 2005, 16:21

crickson says:

Well done! I have no idea what any of it means, but congrats Steve : )

15th Nov 2005, 16:22

technokitten says:

ah yes, I should ditch the geekspeak!
What it means is that Steve has come up with a way of using solar power + wifi (wireless internet technology) to create lighting, security cameras, internet access, telephony etc in places where cabling is not feasible. For example in certain parts of the developing world, as soon as you put a copper cable in the ground, it gets dug up and sold on the street. Where you install street lighting, crime reduces dramatically. And if you allow people telephony and internet access, they suddenly start being able to negotiate prices to buy/sell produce without the need to trek to market each day (which can be several hours journey). Pretty neat huh!

15th Nov 2005, 16:38

jc1000000 says:

Double well-cool!

15th Nov 2005, 16:39

OJ says:

Very interesting idea.

Is Steve Flaherty, moblogger username Steve too? And does he have a blog/wiki/website about the project?

I'd like to read more.

15th Nov 2005, 16:44

technokitten says:

Steve isn't on moblog UK but you can read a bit more about it on my blog at and there'll be a company blog and pix coming soon. They're in the midst of sorting out pilots in Africa at the moment. You'll also find out more about Steve over at (including contact details) as he gets involved in a variety of mobile-related projects (I'm involved in some of them too) and if you'd like to meet him and you're in London, we're holding a networking drinks called Swedish Beers on 29/11 at the Nordic Bar, W1. It's for anyone with a passing interest in things mobile. Usually a good laugh.

15th Nov 2005, 16:49

OJ says:

Thanks Technokitten, I'll read them...

15th Nov 2005, 17:21

macca(macca_1967-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Worked with steve many years ago. always had a good laugh with him. Congrats on the award....still wearing the same suit i see - lol. send me an email bud, be good to hear from you

28th Dec 2007, 21:59