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My website has been overhauled. Make with the clicky. Go on. I know you want to. And for those keeping track, my old Moblog can be found here. I began a new one so I could retain ownership of my own images. Thank you Mo'blog UK!

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NYC windows

NYC windows
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So there's this gallery window that's just between the jewish museum and a popular gaybar in chelsea that I walk past every day on the way to work. Recently there's been this guy who stands in the window in his tighty whitey manties and immitates people on the street who stop to watch him. Ah art! I'd taken a few stills with my phone of him before, because it's funny to see a man in his panties, errr.. manties standing in the window. But on Saturday when I walked past there was a guy on the street hoping to make him take off his manties by stripping himself in the street. Since the 'artist' in the window had no shirt or pants to take off, he mimed the gestures but never removed his tight white masculine panties. And since the man on the street lost his nerve before removing his own shorts, the curious group of onlookers never got to see much more. I only managed to catch the last bit of this interaction with my video, but it's still amusing.
5th Nov 2005, 18:24