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You know how some people take really amazing, slice-of-on-the-go life photos with their phones? So impromptu, so surprising, so apropos?

Yeah, I'm not one of those people.

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Train weirdo.

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This guy was rocking back and forth, making serious notes on that legal pad... and it turns out they were stats on pro football...

The woman next to him was blind.
2nd Nov 2005, 16:45   | tags:,


Steve says:

Them or you for taking the pic :)

2nd Nov 2005, 16:46

misshellion says:

Steve, the answer is yes :)

2nd Nov 2005, 16:48

Steve says:

Good answer

2nd Nov 2005, 16:49

misshellion says:

I'm realistic! ;)

2nd Nov 2005, 16:50

Joe says:

There was a disturbing amount of people rocking back and forth on public transport, while I was in San Francisco, at one point 2 people at opposite ends of a bus became synchronised in their rocking, it was quite bizarre

2nd Nov 2005, 16:51

Steve says:

were they looking at your wife and drooling?

2nd Nov 2005, 16:52

misshellion says:

I used to see a dude on the same train, he was, like 7 ft tall and he would rock back and forth really vigorously. I felt so bad for him, for some reason.

2nd Nov 2005, 16:53

Joe says:

but of course....who wouldn't?

2nd Nov 2005, 16:53

Steve says:

:) indeed!

2nd Nov 2005, 16:58

Reminds me of the Atlanta Braves dugout.

A cool experiment: When you see someone rocking, start rocking too. Try to stay out of synch. Nudge your neighbors to try to get them rocking too, and get them to pass it along.

Unless you fight it deliberately, everyone will eventually synch up.

True story.


11th Nov 2005, 13:25

seaneeboy says:

Quite True las - this is why the millenium bridge in london had to be closed and restrengthened... people unwittingly started marching in synch, which led to too much sway :)

11th Nov 2005, 13:32

misshellion says:

Normally I would do this sort of thing -- Lasz, you know ME -- but it's so often that the rocker in question is of considerable stature and girth -- and far be it from me to mock someone like that to their face.

11th Nov 2005, 14:08

It's not mocking. It's rocking! It's only mocking if you do it to be mean. :)

Convincing them that it's a scientific study might be the hard part....


12th Nov 2005, 06:53

bronxelf says:

This is rapidly devolving into a scene from a Hard Days' Night.

Just a warning.

12th Nov 2005, 07:16