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Potter without a studio (college being remodelled), medical secretary, cancer survivor, would-be cake decorator, knitter (or at least collector of yarn), and general spazoid.

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Why Lt. Uhura hardly left the bridge

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Bookmark and Share can't do am an away mission in these. No wonder they had more sensible shoes in the later Star Trek universe. LOL
31st Oct 2005, 19:03  


munkt0n says:

I say!
*drops monocle*

31st Oct 2005, 19:21

Sionnach says:

Very sexy! Show us more :-)

31st Oct 2005, 19:36

ookiine says:

Very sexy... Ooooofa!

31st Oct 2005, 22:03

DocD says:

Kinky boots

6th Nov 2005, 23:46

SpaceMonkey(none) says:

Could you turn just this way a bit?

6th May 2006, 00:50

MrFriendly says:

I didn't realize the Starship Enterprise had rolling chairs and file-cabinet type office drawers. Meybe, before you attempt to make any kind of point, you should procure evidence that has some sort of relevence to your topic, instead of pulling it outta your ass.

8th Sep 2006, 18:17