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27th Oct 2005, 01:06   | tags:

alexis says:

niiiiiiiice. I can't tell if it's on copper, or, the underside of something, or, what, but it looks neat. (and reminds me of the flag-holding posts we had in highschool)

27th Oct 2005, 02:21

mat says:

back of a toilet door, in the cinema. it's a designer coathook. one from which your coat will likely fall, but at least it looks nice.

27th Oct 2005, 03:10

alexis says:

my first thought was "that would really leave a nasty mark if you hit your head on it".
hope they don't serve alcohol there.
(what'd you see?)

27th Oct 2005, 03:17

mat says:

Wallace and Gromit rabbit thingy. Check out the cool thing google does for it's first result

s'good, although it's not as good as The Wrong Trousers, imho. The animation is gorgeous though, and I felt I should get Aardman some money somehow, after their terrible studio fire last week.

GenericCinema™ does serve booze, but not in any serious way. There is a tonne of GenericBars™ just outside though, and they sometimes do late-night showings of edgy* films for the drunks to come in an talk through, so I expect the hook's seen it's fair share of drunken heads bashed on it.

* slightly off-mainstream, The Exorcist.

27th Oct 2005, 03:29

alexis says:

ah. (the local listings? yeah. very nice. : )
I think it would be kindof hard to beat The Wrong Trousers. I also think my mind has been much tainted by other types of funny/ I may not enjoy it as much even if it were as good.

ah, that which is the Midnight Showing. kindof.
don't know what would happen if you threw booze into the mix with the sorts of late night things they show here.

i only thought of it because I had a broken (extendable, hallow in the center, metal) antennae graze my leg , and it looked a bit like that fixture. just thinner/smaller/sharper around the rim.

27th Oct 2005, 03:40

alexis says:

and, as for the fire, yikes. on a good note, it wasn't their workspace, on a bad note, it was 30 years of Stuff. and important and cool stuff.
it makes my inner packrat weep. : \\

27th Oct 2005, 03:42

mat says:

I much prefer the other cinema, although that's currently screening in a nearby theatre while it's 16th century home gets turned (tastefully) into a three-screen "multiplex" (the two new screens are 50 and 30 seats, so it's hardly Odeon-class). But it's a great place, and they do show Proper Films at Proper Prices.

27th Oct 2005, 03:49

alexis says:

I don't even know what proper prices are, now. I know paid 10.75 to see The Corpse Bride and almost was sick all over myself as a result.
(10.75, with the minimun pay rate in my area being 6.75 an hour, where, movies were 5.something when the min. wage was 5.50 or so hardly seems like numbers are being adjusted well enough... but that's really just inflation and min. wage not matching it fast enough, I guess)

we do have a chain of nice indie-ish (in the most upturned nose sense of the word) theaters that show good things that aren't wide-release, and still offer student tickets at about 8$

27th Oct 2005, 04:10

mat says:

Hey, if you can't go and see independant films in LA, the world is broken... :)

Thing is, I don't mind paying £5 a time to see a quality film in a nice cinema where the people working there seem genuinely pleased to see you, and you get a little info sheet about whatever you're seeing. I do obect to paying £6 to get herded into a too-loud multiplex and fed advertising for the first 20 minutes, followed by a film that is, most of the time, depressingly generic. W&G; wasn't, much, so that was OK.

Orange Wednesdays 2-for-1 deal makes it more bearable though, although it does mean wednesday nights are more crowded.

27th Oct 2005, 04:21

alexis says:

I paid 30$ (it's normally 11$, but, friday/ saturday it's 15$ a ticket) to take myself and an in-town friend to
a movie with heavy special effects we both knew we wouldn't enjoy much / purely so my friend would experience seeing a movie at this place
reserved seating, most comfy chairs, etc.
well worth it.

if it's not herding-sticky-floored-angry workered junk, I generally don't mind payingwhatever the cost is.
although, in general, I think it would help/ improve my movie-going exp. if i stopped seeing crap movies. -_-

and, that two for one thing is insane/mental. I would switch mobile service providers if someone had something like that, here.

27th Oct 2005, 06:09