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Sufjan Stevens, Shepherds Bush Empire

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In an evening full of charm and whimsy (not to mention beautiful tunes), possibly the funniest element was listening to the touts outside the venue doing their traditional "tickets, buy or sell" routine. But completely avoiding saying what they were buying or selling tickets for, presumably because they didn't know how to pronounce his name...

(It's soof-yan, by the way. Though the guy who brought the band on stage initially introduced him as "Sujfan Stevens".)


Pollo says:

I was there. Great night - Loved the "cheers". The audience were very hushed for a London crowd as well which makes a nice change. He's doing a couple of solo gigs at ULU Oct 31st and Nov 1st.

18th Oct 2005, 11:59

critical g says:

lucky chap, hope you enjoyed it!

16th Nov 2005, 11:51

taniwha says:

Loved the Illinois album but boy, has he made a rod for his back with the 50 states project. At one CD a year he'll have finished by the time he is 80.

16th Nov 2005, 11:55

critical g says:

nice career though. i think he's one of the best adverts for america.

16th Nov 2005, 12:06

taniwha says:

It does present a human side with all its frailities and doubts and causes for celebration, to the country.

16th Nov 2005, 12:49