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come on then, cold

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I'm a-ready for you. This Moroccan cloak is pure wool, and toasty toasty warm. Thankyou eBay...
13th Oct 2005, 16:26   | tags:,,,

bmal says:

coooooool have you seen the village you look like someone out of that

13th Oct 2005, 16:30

seaneeboy says:

Also handy for halloween!

13th Oct 2005, 16:30

Salome says:

oh ferchrissake. won't somebody think of the children?

13th Oct 2005, 16:33

mat says:

pah to you. I've always wanted a big cloak with a big hood, and now I've got one. It's pretty much just a huge blanket with a hood and some tassles, but it *is* really warm and comfortable, and I was sorely lacking in warm clothes until this morning.

13th Oct 2005, 16:36

norm says:

these are not the druids you're looking for

13th Oct 2005, 16:38

Rich says:

Aww, cute. You've got your little, red hood. Suitable for riding perchace?

13th Oct 2005, 17:04

Hotdog not logged in says:

Watch out for the Wolf on the way to Grandma's house

13th Oct 2005, 17:06

Spike says:

i want one, in black!! the fun to be had!

13th Oct 2005, 17:06

mat says:

The guy selling this had plenty of other ones in different colours. Search eBay for 'cloak'

"Little Red Hat went to the cupboard and took out the blood.

'Grandmother, this wine is very red!'

'Drink and keep quiet. It is your grandmother's blood!'"

13th Oct 2005, 17:18

Spike says:

e baying now, i must stop though, ive been e-buying mad this week!

13th Oct 2005, 17:20

bmal says:

that poem is very strange

13th Oct 2005, 17:23

Spike says:

I like it

13th Oct 2005, 17:26

mat says:

It's an old version of the Red Riding Hood story. Most fairy tales are pretty brutal in their older forms - Hans Anderson, the Grimm brothers et al did a LOT of cleaning up when they wrote their famous nursery books.

13th Oct 2005, 17:28

Spike says:

damn them, leave them as they should be!!

13th Oct 2005, 17:35

mat says:

Sleeping Beauty didn't always wake up with a kiss y'know. I read one recently where she didn't wake up during the kiss, or the subsequent rape; waking only when the Handsome Prince's child was born nine months later....

13th Oct 2005, 17:37

Spike says:

i think ive heared that version too, i like how they change them so much, im supprised they havnt been banned by the government, or changed to be more politically correct

13th Oct 2005, 17:40

Dhamaka says:

I've been worrying at that sort of thing for ages. In these increasing politically correct times the vivid is taken out with the bad and the inappropriate..

no bad stuff, no spirit, no feeling, no way out that I can see.. (and I'm in a good mood)

13th Oct 2005, 17:40

ultraruby says:

Awww! Ace! You look like a jawa!

13th Oct 2005, 17:40

Spike says:

its quite discusting how things are changed so much to suit the different minorities, LEAVE THINGS AS THEY ARE, thats how they were meant to be,

its not possibke to change things in real life to suit people all the time so they should stop giving 'false hopes' that it can be done

13th Oct 2005, 17:42

Dhamaka says:

I wish things were that simple Spike. I remember seeing the original Fritz the Cat and now I can't watch it because I recognise its racism and sexism. I loved Saturday Night Fever when it came out and was dismayed to think how blind I had been when I saw it again. .... I know I'd prefer for things to be left 'as is', but I don't know if it is right or not to do so, or if in 10 years time I'll realise that I was blind about something else..

13th Oct 2005, 17:48

Spike says:

Dear lord i wish it were too, i think in years we will all think that, i can *occasionally see where people are coming from with the whole Non-Pc things (*such as golly-wog dolls) but sometimes it is blown completly out of the warter,

i remember seing an article in the newspaper once about a school banning hot cross buns at easter because they were 'offensive' to a minority of students,, needless to say i was discusted

13th Oct 2005, 17:52

Dhamaka says:

Oh, I've read about Mother Christmases (to not be sexist) and Greenboards (can you believe it - and it's much more difficult to see chalk on green) ... I could go on..

13th Oct 2005, 17:54

Spike says:

greenboards, stick with the plain old blackboard, i dont think thats racist in any way shape or form!

IMO i think that the governing bodies assume that the british public are soft as shit, were hard balls, stiff upper lip and all that!

13th Oct 2005, 17:57

bronxelf says:

Spike- do a search on google for politically correct fairy tales. Someone has beaten you to that one already.

I collect fairy tales. I have books and books of them. Modern ones, old ones, changed ones, original ones.. I love the original versions of these stories, and I am often both dismayed and disgusted by the changes to them that came afterwards (no one wants to hear my princess rant. Don't get me going.)

mat-- so not surprised that you share my love for these stories. The cloak is lovely. If you get snow there this year, go outside and have a photo of you in it against the snow and trees. The black/whie/red of that will be wonderful.

I have a heavy, heavy(heavy) wool cloak from Half Moon. It's green. :)

13th Oct 2005, 19:03

Spike says:

oo green.,

belf, feel free to princess rant, im really passionate about people views on things! all things,

and i neeeed to get a black cloak!

13th Oct 2005, 19:07

onceupon says:

*grin* I am ALWAYS up for a Princess Rant, so I say go to it. The sociological implications of fairy tales and the changes they've undergone through time are one of my favorite topics.

13th Oct 2005, 19:07

bronxelf says:

Onceupon- perhaps I will in LJ. It'll be too long for here.

13th Oct 2005, 21:56

daz says:

Lovely cloak. :)

But it reminded me of The Village and Little Red Hood, too. :)

14th Oct 2005, 08:10

Steve says:

Nice cloak just can't think of an occasion where I could wear it.

I do think that PC'ness has gone wrong at many turns but I also think that it is good that people are thinking outside themselves and are trying to make a (positive) difference. It's not really within our nature and it warms me when we try something new.

As far as the whole "Golly wog" thing goes, I used to call black people "Wog's" when I was a child in Coventry. I do think that it is good thing that this racial stereotype has been done away with, if only so that I don't have a reminder of the sort of prick I once was.

Hot cross buns........ why serve them at schools at all? lets just keep education and religion seperate! if you are from any faith then study it outside of the curriculum. Schools should only offer a blanket appriciation of all faiths and an understanding that beliefs are only that, one persons belief.

The thoughts are positive, but the words are clouded in wine.

16th Oct 2005, 01:09

Ciorstaidh says:

Dhamaka: I disagree about Fritz the cat being unbearably sexist and racist: more an accurate representation af the time. Yes the crows are stereotypes, but Fritz, the white "disaffected" student is portrayed as insensitive, pampered, and unable to defend himself against them (as one would expect a cat to be able to against a crow)

The sexism.... hmmm. I thought the whole bit with Fritz luring the three right on girl students into a foursome was hilarious, and the storyline later with the hippo/horse thing wasn't depicting her a sex object, so much as the others as monsters.

Just my $0.02.

16th Oct 2005, 12:15

Helen says:

Goes to eBay.

Types in 'cloak'.


Very nice that.

20th Oct 2005, 19:31