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by scyllacat

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This is just a random adventure with a new Treo and it's photography capabilities. If you like anything you see, please comment! I don't expect much to be very good, so I'd really like to know when I get something right. Most of the time, I expect I will just be documenting experiences.

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This is a picture of the inside of my apartment. I was in this apartment when this happened to it. I took this shot particularly to hilight the way the building has tilted. Look in particular at the door frame and the heater next to it.
10th Oct 2005, 23:38   | tags:,


Wowza. Only just found these. Must have been difficult to come back to so much destruction. Have you found temporary housing then?

I'm surprised no one else has commented on these yet. It's great that cellphones can now document important events like this.

12th Oct 2005, 19:58

scyllacat says:

Actually, it was kind of funny, because I did all my freaking out when it happened. Returning was a chance to say tomy boyfriend and a few other people, "No, really, I wasn't kidding, or overreacting. THIS is what happened. " My landlord is talking about suing the guy who owned the building that fell into his/mine. Of course now I really wish I had "before" pictures. Maybe the landlord does.

I've relocated BACK to the metro Atlanta area, but I'm trying NOT to live here. The traffic that drove me our two years ago is still horrendous. Thanks for asking, though.

13th Oct 2005, 03:03

farmboyphil says:


13th Oct 2005, 19:25

Dhamaka says:

I'm sorry you had to go through it

13th Oct 2005, 19:30

Isn't a house flying into another house due to a hurricane still considered an act of God? Does your landlord really have a case to sue? I haven't lived in North America long enough to appreciate the suing culture just yet!

I'm guessing the New Orleans rebuild is going to be quite rapid (it seems like the politicians futures pretty much depend on it), so maybe you won't need to stay in Atlanta too long.

13th Oct 2005, 19:55

scyllacat says:

I'm not much into the suing myself, and my landlord didn't exactly use the word "sue" per se, but he did say he was going to make the owner of the building take responsibility, and here's why:

a. The owner did not close the doors and windows and board them up. In fact, I've been told the doors were removed due to the renovations. This turned his building, during the peak hurricane winds, into a big brick kite.

b. It was the only building in the French Quarter that was toppled in this manner, so it suggests that it was the owners negligence in boarding up that caused the collapse.

Either way, I'm interested in what would happen. It never occurred to me (like you) that it was anything but an act of God until that point.

13th Oct 2005, 20:00

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