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Does Our Relationship Go Well?

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Many of you knew already that my partner and I we’re in a rocky and unstable romance for the last two months. Yet, with his persistent effort of winning me back, I realized that his huge love for me is worth the second try. This is one of the many reasons why these past few days I didn’t have the eager and passion to write on my blogs. I consistently thought of my well-being thus, I decided to take a break. This significant break gives me the opportunity to re-track my life most especially on my romantic relationship. As I’ve mentioned before, an alone time is important to every rational being. It gradually gives you the salient time you needed in life. You can talk or communicate to yourself internally without other people judging you. So, I hark back on my life in general and I concluded that my lover greatly loves me. This is the period where I finally decided to give my partner a second chance. Yes, it is very difficult to trust a person that once broke your heart. In my blogs that tackle about trust, I repeatedly mention this, “It is tough to trust someone who once hurt you so bad. Definitely, you cannot bring the wholesome feelings back because you already stained the love you have for her.”
It is certainly true that with valiant effort and communication, you can definitely get your lover back. Yet, when you keep on trying and it seems like there’s no other way you can win her heart back then, you should stop, take a break and learn to let go. In life, you shouldn’t force someone to love you back. If you are done trying and still she didn’t give you a chance then, move on and live your life without her. Yes, it is true that it would be difficult at first but the end of the road is always rewarding and fulfilling. She is definitely not your destined lover. She’s someone whom you learn so much everything in love and relationship. I also hope that people wouldn’t get obsess with someone. As say, “Too much of everything is dangerous.” It would start to get weird and unhealthy from your end and her denouement also. It would certainly create a series of complicated issues and it would be detrimental for both of your lives.

It is significant to know all the salient tips that my partner and I did just to start our love life again. If you are wondering how we do it successfully. Try reading this article until the end. Here’s the detailed guide that would definitely help you and your partner. Check this one!

1. Leave a room for mistakes.
I always mention this on all of my love, relationship, and dating blogs. A romantic relationship isn’t perfect and ideal. Both of you can create mistakes in the relationship. This is the reasons why both of you should leave a room for mistakes in your relationship. In this way, you wouldn’t expect anything amazing from your partner—his/her love alone makes you feel strong.

2. Both of you should ignite the love every single day.
Make your relationship wholesome by creating happy, healthy, and unforgettable memories.