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Why Others Regretted Being In Love?

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Last night was one of the hardest times my partner and I went through. As I’ve said before, a romantic relationship isn’t loaded with happiness and pleasures. There would be times where you would encounter varying problems and issues in your relationship. Fate would test your love for one another. If both of you are stronger enough to deal with these challenges then, it could possibly mean that you would cherish each other’s love for the rest of your lives. Looking at our eight-year romantic relationship, I do have doubts if we would still continue this relationship. As time goes by, I think that love isn’t enough to mold our relationship to be stronger and stable. Yes, I mentioned in my previous articles that I have a mature partner who constantly understands me in all ways. Yet, after last night’s fight, I think that he’s isn’t the lover I liked before. I think he abruptly changed and dealing with arguments became hard for both of us. I think that we could surpass every challenge but now that I grow older, I doubted everything good I mentioned about him. In a relationship setting, the woman would consistently think that her partner is her knight and shining armor. I don’t hold grudges to women who believed that idea. But being in an eight year long-term relationship, I believed that women shouldn’t depend on her partner in times of crisis. Self-love should come first before loving other people. What if your partner would cheat on you? What if he would leave you? How would you deal with that? If everything would fall, would there be any little amount of love left for yourself?
This is the main reason why you should take good care of yourself even if you’re in a romantic relationship. At the end of the day, you only got yourself and women shouldn’t constantly depend on other people’s love. Before them, there’s God who constantly loves you. So, why worry about that? Back to our last night’s argument, I concluded that we didn’t successfully comprehend each other’s differing views and points. I think that our pride and ego hold us back. That’s the time that I gave up. I stop talking to him. I ignore him the next morning and I went to my parents’ house. I think that we need space and time apart. We are growing adults and I am confident enough that someday we can understand each other deeply and sooner we will get back together.
To all new couples out there, I hope that you would extensively understand your partner. If you don’t want to end your relationship, might as well look for great ways on how to have happy moments together. If someday, both of you would encounter this type of restless situation; I suggest that you would also need a time apart. As believe having an alone time is greatly significant in this type of critical situation. Knowing that with this salient time, you can analyze and logically process the current argument you had with your partner. Take your time and don’t rush to solve this. It might worsen the situation.