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Painful Part Into The Most Wonderful Part Of My Life

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“It took you two weeks to go off and date her. Guess, you didn’t cheat but you’re still a traitor.”

Ever been in this kind of fling? For readers who don’t know the meaning of fling, it is a kind of casual relationship between two differing individuals who by admire or like each other but never in their romance reached the official kind of romantic relationship. It is like a mutual understanding between two individuals that they both have special feelings for each other. Based on my experience, this kind of love is somewhat crucial to every individual most especially to women. As professionals and experts say women are more emotional and sensitive when it comes to love or romance. Men also think that women are too complicated to understand when it comes to love. Yes, I do agree with this idea. Being in an eight year long-term relationship, I can truly say that my views and my man’s views are extremely different. If we would have an argument about something, he wouldn’t utter a word because he thinks that I would be extensively mad if he would tell his side while I am still angry and mad at him. For me, it would be best that he would tell everything he wants to share because I think I can understand him more if he would share his explanation detail by detail. This is why our minds would clash sometimes if we’re on a heated argument. Back to the topic, I mentioned above that a fling is crucial and complicated kind of relationship. It is like a “label-less relationship” in which both of you don’t know how to act because you’re not in an official kind of relationship. You didn’t know if it’s okay to feel jealous even if you’re not in a serious relationship with this guy. You didn’t have an assurance if he would stay with you forever or he would leave you sooner.

This is a similar situation of Olivia’s. In her song entitled “Traitor” she told us that the man she used to love betrayed her. He found another woman two weeks after he left her. She said that man didn’t cheat but he’s still a traitor. He’s a traitor who wrecked her heart and a traitor who’s unapologetic and unaffected of their separation. Just by listening to her song, I can truly say how painful it is for her to handle this kind of romance. Yet, at the end of the day, I think that Olivia won because she made this pain into her advantage. She created an album called “Sour” in which several of the songs ranked first, third, and fourth in the Billboard 200 Chart. Her career skyrocketed and she’s definitely a successful artist. For me, that’s the best revenge that you can do as a singer. Well, for my fellow women, you should show to him that you are happy living your life. No one can deem your light and continue reaching your dreams. Remember that happiness is not minding other people’s views about you. It is like you live your life with your own likes and wants and not caring about other’s judgments. This is also where you decided to look for astounding ways on how to achieve true happiness and freedom. Luckily, maturetenders would cure all your pain away. This site greatly helps people to find their destined partner and it's really worth the try.