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How Could You Be So Reckless With Someone's Heart?

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“You gave me your word ‘Don’t worry ‘bout her.’ You might love her now but you love me first.’”

There are several small Tiktok artists who successfully released a variety of saddest love songs that blew the internet and the whole world away. This greatly means that people extensively feel the sadness and pain of the artists. They somewhat connect the artist’s fate into their current romantic relationship condition. This is where we can prove that lots of women experienced this kind of pain once or a hundredth times in their lives. Obviously, we didn’t hold the future and it is too clear that we can’t predict it. As I’ve said on my past articles, most women obediently follow their hearts and their feelings. They say that if you’re happy being with him then, you should continue doing that. Happiness is our core achievement and goal in life and if loving him and being around him makes you happy then, you should live your life and go follow your happiness. But then you noticed that the longer you want to be with him, the clearer you see that he doesn’t like you anymore. You constantly think that you are forcing him to love you back and as a woman it is an insult to feel this way. Love shouldn’t be force. You shouldn’t chase love, let love chases you. Therefore, if it doesn’t feel right, it is better to let go of your happiness and find your worth and value as a person. Yes, this might be difficult but for you to grow mature in the realm of love, you should learn how to let go of your happiness. He was once your happiness but he treats you the total opposite. Love isn’t one-sided. True love is when you both deeply love each other and you both strive to work things out every single day.

When I turn on my Spotify and consecutively plays this song “Reckless” by Madisson Beer, there’s a thunder strike like connection that I felt in my entire body and when I heard the chorus, I didn’t notice that there were tears rolling down my face. For everyone’s information, I am in a happy eight year long-term relationship now but when I listen to this song, I feel like I was the victim of the story Madisson Beer tries to share to the world. This extensively means that I once experienced this kind of love and it happened when I was in my first junior high school year.

My question and advice to all ladies out there, if the time would come that this kind of romance would come into your life, how would you counter the pain and sadness that you extremely feel recently? As a blogger of this article, I would be the first one to answer this question. I was very young when I experienced that kind of love and if you read my past article, I shared that I avenged my ex-lover through being in a relationship with other man and luckily, it worked. Yet, if it happened to me now, I think that the best revenge would be my happy, independent, and contented self. I’ll show to him how better I am without him in my life and yes, this act of revenge would greatly affect your ex-lover. I gave this advice to my close friend and up until now, her ex-lover wants to win her back. This is also where you decided to look for astounding ways on how to achieve true happiness and freedom. Luckily, there is a site that would cure all your pain away.This site ( greatly helps people to find their destined partner and it's really worth the try. )