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Another part of the Spank The Monkey media empire: offending your brain at The Unpleasant Lair Of Spank The Monkey, offending your ears at Spank's Audio Lair, and offending your eyes right here, right now.

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#Collabfest2020 beer 14: Mister Scoops (Seven Dials x Hammerton, chocolate butterscotch and caramel milk stout, 5.50%)

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Oh, this is more like it. Actual flavours and a decent amount of fizz mean that the sink's not going to be seeing any of this one. There's a complexity totally at odds with its relatively puny ABV - The BBG's reminded of Caramac, and who wouldn't want to drink a pint of Caramac? (Shut up, young people, you know nothing.)

22nd Nov 2020, 16:09