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#Collabfest2019 round 12: BrewDog Canary Wharf

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54. Kungsholmen & Unibärsum Bryggeri - Shit Hop Puns (DDH Hazy Pale Ale, 5.1%)
This is our series finale, and it's a good one. My first time in the Canary Wharf bar since its shareholder preview night (a year and a couple of days ago)! Exactly four beers on the board we haven't had yet! A few things we've been searching for all weekend are finally here! And Ricky's here to say hello! Yay! As far as this beer goes, it's not one that was really on my radar apart from the sweary name. It's hazy and hoppy like they say, but not much else apart from that. Nothing spectacular about it, but pleasant enough.

55. Newcastle & Wylam - 6.8 Comeback Special (West Coast Grapefruit & Orange Zest IPA, 6.8%)
One of the ones we've been waiting for. Another fruity one, though it's hard to identify the specific fruit, and there's no indication in the taste that it's as strong as they say. It's no Elvis Juice (despite the hints in the name), but as grapefruit IPAs go it's fine, without having the punch of BrewDog's original.

56. Outpost Manchester & Cloudwater - Original Peak IPA (India Pale Ale, 6.0%)
Quite light for a Cloudwater, but it's up to the usual high standard in all other aspects. Not trying to do anything other than be a good beer - it's not trying any mad shit, unlike a few of the other beers it's been competing with here.

57. Southampton & Vibrant Forest - Tonkaccino (Tonka & Coffee Stout, 4.8%)
One advantage of me spilling every thought I've been having about beer live on the internet: Ricky tells us as soon as we walk in the door 'the Tonkaccino's on'. He also says 'it's like drinking an ashtray, but in a good way,' and he's kinda right. The tonka's mainly on the nose, with the ashy taste coming through on the end: but it works as a progression, without ever feeling weird. And with that, we're done, apart from the Coconut Sinnerman Ricky has bought us as an encore. At some point, we should sit down and collate our favourites of these FIFTY-SEVEN DAMN BEERS from the past four days: but not just yet.

20th Oct 2019, 20:05