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#Collabfest2019 round 11: BrewDog Tower Hill

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52. Södermalm & Värmdö Brygghus - Feel My Flower (Berry Rose & Elderberry Sour, 4.3%)
You have to understand, this is the London bars collectively hitting the wall, not us: by the time we get to Tower Hill, they only have two beers left we haven't had yet (it would have been three, but the Tonkaccino literally ran out as we were ordering it). Hence the lack of flight board in the photo, and the big glasses. Anyhoo, we're back on the fruit sours again, albeit with not much fruit or sourness to this one: The BBG is saying it's the closest thing she's had to a disappointing beer this fest, with a faintly soapy taste to it. I reckon that Tower Hill playing back-to-back Muse songs on their PA is having a negative impact on their beer quality.  

53. Tampere & Pyynikin - The Dead Sunshine (Imperial Stout, 9.0%)
It's interesting to note that they stop playing Muse the moment we start drinking this. We've always had a soft spot for the Finnish bars, which have generally had the nicest staff of any BrewDog bars we've visited worldwide. That goes for nearby Estonia too, which is like Finland but with less outrageous prices. Both countries seem to share a fondness for big impy stouts, much like we do after the sun goes down. It's still light outside when we're drinking this, but it's still a fine example of the style, with no funny stuff except for possible hints of barrel aging. It's helped by a generous pour from the Tower Hill staff, who obviously noticed our disappointment at missing out on the Tonkaccino. We follow up with a pair of pizzas and a couple of Punk AFs to set us up for the final stretch, but you don't need to know about those.

20th Oct 2019, 17:35