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#Collabfest2019 round 10: BrewDog Clerkenwell

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48. Brussels & Brasserie Surréaliste - Mirror Mirror (Kveik IPA, 6.7%)
Finally we know what a proper kveik tastes like that hasn't had shedloads of adjuncts thrown on top of it: it tastes like this. There's an earthiness to this that makes it different from a saison, which is the other farmhouse style we've had quite a bit of this weekend. I think I feel less meh about kveiks than I do about saisons, so at least that's that cleared up. 

49. Budapest & Mad Scientist - Blackcurrant Trifle (Imperial Pastry Gose, 8.2%)
This has been top of the Collabfest Untappd rating list for pretty much the whole weekend, presumably for being boozy as hell while looking like frothy Ribena. Which is depressingly predictable, in a way: Big Drop's half-a-percenter will never pull the big votes in a poll like this. Having said that, this is indeed lovely. The BBG is thinking it's less like Ribena and more like a really big Australian Cabernet Sauvignon, with initially insane amounts of fruit and body, which then fades into sourness and gose saltiness. Sometimes the mob turns out to be right after all.

50. Clerkenwell & Howling Hops - Hippo’s Don’t Lie (Banana Milkshake IPA, 7.4%)
The Clerkenwell bar is usually closed on Sundays, but they're doing a special opening for Collabfest. They have a history of going that extra mile for the festival: in 2017, for example, their cookie dough white stout was served with actual cookies on the side. This year, their banana IPA has a banana chew precariously balanced on top of the glass, which seems like a fun way to mark beer number 50. Eating it before the beer was possibly a mistake, though: it takes a mouthful or two of the beer to get past the taste of the sweet. By comparison, the banana's quite subtle in the beer, only really coming through towards the end: you're more conscious of the bitterness of the hops and the mouthfeel of the lactose.

51. Sheffield & Saint Mars of the Desert - Shoquaddyquaddy (Belgian Quad, 9.0%)
Now that's a reference that the kids will get. (I'm reminded of The BBG's comments yesterday, which at various points referred to 1970s adverts for Oranjeboom and Kia-ora.) Anyway, yes, this is straight-up booze: not the strongest one we've had this year, but the one where the alcohol content is most front and centre (this could be a proper winter warmer beer), with no quirks added to its basic style. Currently number 5 on the Untappd list, which is no real surprise.

20th Oct 2019, 16:12