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#Collabfest2019 round 9: BrewDog Paddington

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44. Paddington & Wild Card - Cashmere IPA (DDH IPA, 5.8%)
Breakfast in the Paddington bar is accompanied solely by coffee - we're not monsters, you know - but it does lead me to wonder why, given BrewDog's long-standing relationship with the company, nobody's ever tried to make a beer containing Dalston Chilli. One to look out for at #Collabfest2020, maybe. In the meantime, we start the final day of #Collabfest2019 with four bars on our agenda and a maximum of 26 beers left to try. Paddington, happily, has exactly four that we haven't drunk yet. First up is the bar's own, brewed in collaboration with Walthamstow's finest for some reason. Good starter to the day - by day 4, we need some hoppy fruity juiciness to kick-start us again, and this does the job just fine.

45. Brighton & Cloak+Dagger - Zestiny’s Child (Blood Orange & Lemon Pale Ale, 4.1%)
Definitely zesty, as advertised: pleasantly refreshing without being spectacular. The BBG thought she could taste lime (even though there isn't any), more so than in the actual key lime pie beer that we had yesterday. Possibly a dangerous alternative to having fruit juice with breakfast, but still a very nice way of working towards your five a day. If you're ever in Brighton, by the way, Cloak and Dagger's taproom The Cloak Room is worth a visit.

46. Le Marais & Brasserie du Grand Paris - Paris Mordu (New England IPA, 5.9%)
'Bitten', in case you were wondering. It's got the soft juiciness of 'l'un de ces', but with a decent bit of bitterness underneath, giving it a good balance. I don't believe we had any of BGP's beers on our recent Paris trip, so they're a name to add to the list for our next one.

47. St Andrews & St Andrews Brewing Co - Hippophae Fife (Sea Buckthorn IPA, 6.2%)
Possibly the best beer name this year? Hippophae is the Latin name for sea buckthorn ('the berry with 15 times more vitamin C than an orange', if you believe the Daily Telegraph, though why on earth would you): the rest is either a direct reference to Rezillos lead singer Fay Fife, or a theft of the joke that gave her her name (she's 'fae Fife'). 'It's different,' says The BBG on her first mouthful: she later upgrades that to 'it's got a tanginess, it's not unpleasant, but it's interesting more than anything else.' I'd be a shade more positive about it, myself, and she admits that it's grown on her by the end of the glass. For me, it looks like orange juice, but the sheer unfamiliarity of the taste is a pleasant surprise. It certainly hides its ABV pretty well.

20th Oct 2019, 14:26