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#Collabfest2019 round 8b: BrewDog Seven Dials

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41. DogTap Berlin & BRLO - Sink the Pink (Imperial Pink New England IPA with Bitter Orange Peel, 8.5%)
We're now down to a bar where we only have three Collabfest beers we haven't drunk yet, so between rounds we cleanse our palates with Hawkes Sucker For Pumpkins cider, which we've taken out of the photo. It's so pumpkiny that you could accept that Halloween In Booze Form works in the context of this festival. But we won't, and instead go back to the beer with this absolute monster, and I mean that in the Frankenstein sense. It's partly One Of Those, but with some bitterness under the creaminess and sweetness, The BBG isn't getting NEIPA vibes off it, but it does have the softness of the style without the murkiness, with the bitterness coming from the orange peel. I'm getting something off it that reminds me of malt, which The BBG sees as the combination of the sweet and sour bits.

42. Milton Keynes & Boot Town - Key Lime Pie (Dessert Pale Ale, 5.5%)
In a blind tasting, The BBG finds it soft and light, but not cutting through the beer before. I know what it's meant to be doing on mouthful 1, but it's not doing that. Quite nice, but not doing what's advertised. In subsequent mouthfuls, you can telll it wants to come through but can't, while still remaining a quite nice beer. Someone who'd gone to a bar and bought this purely on the description (looking at you, Brixton) would be sadly disappointed.

43. Leicester & Round Corner - Succumb to Smoke (Bamberg Helles Rauchbier, 5.3%)
As this is only a three-beer flight (curse you running out of your own beer, Seven Dials), this is our last one for Saturday night, which The BBG's talkboard mates have told her tastes like hotdog water. It's certainly a smoky beer, possibly more reminiscent of smoked cheese than hotdogs, so we're not finding it quite as repellent as others. Also, you don't expect light beers to be smoked, it's more of a dark thing, which may be putting people off. It's balanced enough that the smoky taste is not an issue. As The BBG says about films, don't let other people's reviews influence you. (Incidentally, all our reviews of the 2019 London Film Festival can be found here, and they're all perfectly correct.)

19th Oct 2019, 23:06