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#Collabfest2019 round 7b: BrewDog Soho

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33. Canary Wharf & Siren Craft Brew - Orange Boom (Orange Sour, 4.0%)
Fully sated by an inter-flight meal of burgers (Beyond Cheese for her, Hybrid Burger for me), we're having to deviate from our plan of only drinking the bar beers in the bars themselves, as at this point the next four beers you're going to read about here are the only four beers Soho are serving that we haven't had before. For this one, bit sour, says I: too orangey for crows, says her. As we make our way through it, we come to an agreement - yes, it's orange and sour. The BBG is reminded of the 1970s school recorder classic 'Oranjeboom, Oranjeboom, it's a lager, not a tune...'

34. Outpost Tower Hill & Mothership Beer - Deeds Not Words (Dark Sour with Cherries, 5.0%)
Tastes of actual cherries rather than cherry flavour, which sets it aside from the several dozen other cherry beers in this fest. Not especially sour itself, more a beer from sour cherries, especially the nose which reminds The BBG of sour cherry sweets. The more it goes down, the juicier it gets.

35. Leeds & Vocation - Purple Grain (Raspberry & Blackcurrant New England Sour IPA, 6.4%)
Sudden realisation that this flight alone is going to give us our five fruit and veg for the day. Yes it is, shut up. This is, astonishingly, a NESIPA. The BBG goes through a glorious mental process on her first mouthful - 'it's One Of Those, but it's got loads of fruit, but it's also sour...' Lots going on, and surprisingly drinkable with it - it's one of the most interesting beers we've had this weekend.

36. Dundee & Dead End Brew Machine - Dundeath (Raspberry & Passion Fruit Nordic Farmhouse Ale, 6.6%)
Or is it 'Dumb Death'? The Soho boards aren't sure. It'd be a fun Horrible Histories reference if they were right, though we think they're wrong. As promised, lots more fruit, plus something else, presumably along the lines of that weird Scandi yeasty shit we had earlier on. You feel like you should feel healthier after all this fruit, particularly all the raspberry on the palate here.

19th Oct 2019, 20:35