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#Collabfest2019 round 5: BrewDog Clapham Junction

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21. Clapham Junction & London Beer Factory - Biére de Coupage (Mixed Fermentation Saison, 5.9%)
Definitely a saison, but with an unusual bit of sourness to it, which is presumably the result of that mixed fermentation they mention. I'm not an enormous fan of the style, or of the concept of feeding wonky bacteria into it, but this is rather nice.

22. Liverpool & Polly’s Brew Co - Beatle Juice (Double IPA, 8.0%)
'The sort of One Of Those that justifies Those existing,' to quote The BBG directly. So yes, it's another DIPA full of hops and murk, but with a decent balance of juiciness and bitterness. It's up there with the sort of things Cloudwater make, which is probably as high as praise gets.

23. Cambridge & Big Drop - The Nutty Professor (Hazelnut Porter, 0.5%)
I think this might be the first low alcohol beer to ever be in a Collabfest - and we know from experience that Big Drop are doing splendid work making 0.5% versions of multiple beer styles. This is insanely nutty - it's already leaping up your nose as you pick up the glass - though a little bit thin for a porter. It wouldn't quite work as an alternative to our usual dark 'n' naughty nightcap beers, for example. But it's still drinkable as hell, nut allergies aside. Appreciating the use of 'professor' as a synecdoche for 'Cambridge', by the way. Shit, three drinks into the day and I'm already using words like 'synecdoche'.

24. Tallinn & Põhjala - Twisted Biscuit (Spiced Baltic Porter, 8.0%)
Now this would work as a nightcap beer. The spice makes it the sort of thing you could imagine drinking in pints at Christmas with the excuse 'but it tastes festive, how can there be anything wrong with that' before falling over. We're big fans of both Põhjala and the Tallinn bar, so we were always going to like this one.

19th Oct 2019, 15:35