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#Collabfest2019 round 4: BrewDog Shoreditch

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17. BrewGooder & Overtone - Happy Haze (New England Session IPA, 3.9%)
It tastes like One Of Those, but it's only 3.9%: that's got to be an achievement of some sort. Ludicrously hoppy but sessionable. And because it's made by Brewgooder, it helps people in underdeveloped countries get clean water, presumably. Hopefully.

18. Shoreditch & Signature Brew - T.N.Tea (New England IPA with Earl Grey Raspberry & Cucumber, 6.0%)
Odd mixture of flavours on initial tasting: The BBG complains that it's kind of unidentifiable, which is amusing given how she"s tasted Earl Grey in a couple of the other ones. Even after being told, she still can't taste the raspberry in there. I'm getting more of a sense of refreshment rather than any specific flavour, so The BBG suggests that's the cucumber, and notes that 'refreshing' is a reaction that we've had to a few beers, as if once we became Craft Beer Wankers we lost the requirement for beer to refresh us..

19. Nottingham & Black Iris - Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb (Triple Cherry Saison, 5.0%)
Cherries are the new black this year, apparently; that and tonka beans. Lots of fruit, not much apparent booze; the saison character's not as strong as the one we had earlier, but it's still there. More like fizzy fruit juice than actual beer, losing the balance between the two.

20. North Street Leeds & Brew York - Tonkoatko (Vegan Tonka Coconut Cacao & Vanilla Milk Stout, 8.5%)
Yeah, that thing I was saying about tonka beans... Brew York have form with them, thanks to their Empress Tonkoko stout. This is another one we had ridiculously high hopes for, and it's the perfect beer to wrap up the day; a ridiculously velvety Fucking Vegan Stout (using oats instead of lactose) with all the best flavours in the world, plus a little kick of bitterness right at the end. The BBG reports that at the bar in Camden, a punter who was offered a random taste of this beer reacted with "what is this? I want this RIGHT NOW." Understandable, really.

18th Oct 2019, 23:11