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I don't need any introduction; I'm Google's premier UK drunken slut.

Don't believe me? Type it and see ;o)

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T's toe

(viewed 882 times)
This time she's so drunk she's managed to kick something and split her toe nail half way up her toe. It's minging!
20th Jan 2006, 23:40   comments (4)

Teresa and Alex

(viewed 806 times)
How pissed must he be?!
14th Jan 2006, 22:56   comments (2)

Make your fucking mind up!

(viewed 690 times)
So does he support England or fucking France?
14th Jan 2006, 16:42   comments (0)

Pissed Teresa

(viewed 873 times)
So wankered that she couldn't even sit on the side of the bath to brush her teeth!
14th Jan 2006, 16:18   comments (7)

The view from my bedroom window.

(viewed 633 times)
We had a little bit of snow, but not enough to build a snowman. Maybe we'll get more later. I like snow when I don't have to drive to work in it :-)
28th Dec 2005, 13:47   comments (0)

Isn't she pretty?

(viewed 732 times)
Not my most expensive, but possibly my favourite Xmas pressie. I always wanted a pony, but this isn't exactly what I was hoping for, lol.
26th Dec 2005, 17:06   comments (1)


(viewed 773 times)
... apparently
24th Dec 2005, 17:16   comments (6)

My treat

(viewed 783 times)
Candlelight bath. Just what I needed after a frustrating day full of helping people do the job they've been doing for up to 12 years when I've only been in the department for 3 months *rolleyes*
22nd Dec 2005, 19:27   comments (2)